Doing our bit for Red Nose Day


So being from South Africa and seeing poverty first hand I know how important charities like Comic Relief and Red Nose day can be. In fact I have fond memories of red nose day in South Africa, I would bug my mother for ages for a red nose and one to fit on the car as well. I usually would do a 5km sponsored walk from around the age of 9 yrs old till I was into high-school - this was something organised locally to me every year. Now however times are hard for everyone, with the UK still deep in recession and the cost of living soaring it can be hard to be as generous as before, but there are still loads of ways to support the charity.

Little Mr A and I doing our bit :)

If you read Side Street you'd know that we support various charities and campaigns in whatever way we can - be this through helping promote campaigns, donating a small amount ourselves or getting involved with events. With Red Nose Day this year I have tried to make it practical and fun for all of us without us giving more than we can afford. Little Mr A was long due a new long sleeved top so when I saw the Stella McCartney for TK Maxx t-shirt designs with the Beatles print I had to get one, and at-least £2.50 of the £5.99 we paid for it goes to Red Nose, I also donated an extra £1 at the till which goes straight to the chairty.

Other ways we have also contributed towards Red nose is both John and I have bought the rubber nose much to the amusement of Mr A, we have also been keeping small change at hand to put into the Red Nose buckets at our local Sainsburys as well as buying the Red Nose joke book. We do hope to do more next year, hopefully in the form of a sponsored run or event.

Stella McCartney
Little Mr A sporting his Red Nose t-shirt

Stella McCartney Red Nose

Also check out what these lovely lady bloggers are doing for Red Nose day for #TeamHonk



  1. This is a fabulous post!

    I love Comic Relief as everyone get involved I think the comedy helps and the fact that their money goes to everyone and it's not just one sector.

    I'm off to TK maxx this weekend after this and will definatey be getting some outfit for Yorkshire Puds home.

    Again great post and nice to see someone posting about charity.

    Yorkshire Pud

  2. Little Mr A looks the business in his new top! Will have to check out our local TK Maxx before the 15th.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment x

  3. Looking like the cool dude for Red Nose Day, great support Laura x


Lovely comments

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