Trees and Hills with Country Kids


So it's been a pretty busy week this week, with lots of outdoor play. Even though the temperature has remained very low, we have been wrapping up like it's December and going outside for some fun. Mr A has recently rediscovered the fun that can be had with a ball and we have spent two days this week at a nearby field simple kicking the ball around which is such a simple pleasure. The same field also has a short but steep hill which he loves to run down hold my hand.

toddler outdoors

boy football
Mr A discovering the simple pleasure of kicking a ball

We also managed to spend some time at one of our favourite places - St Fagans outside history museum - the reason why we love it is because it has a working farm, different garden allotments, woodland walks, an Italian garden, greenhouses and lots of nooks and crannies and we keep discovering something new every time we go. We final got to see the new little lambs who were playing in the fields. Mr A also had some time developing his tree climbing skills as they have these wonderful twisty turny low lying trees that are perfect for children and even toddlers to climb.

St Fagans
Looking out onto the lambs in the fields.

Joules snowsuit
Mr A getting to grips with tree climbing

tree climbing

Mr A also did his first successful hill roll, which brought on much laughter, smiles and a muddy snowsuit. The bliss of rolling down hills is something I love and will never get to old to do. Because it was half-term they have started running the Tractor train which Mr A loves as he has a true obsession for tractors at the moment. So despite the bitterly cold wind we had a lovely ride on the tractor train - and to top it off the full sized tractor was driven by a young girl which I don't think Mr A expected as all the pictures and videos depict the typical farmer man driving on.

toddler outdoors
Mr A having great fun rolling
Mr A watching tractors in awe

joules snowsuit and scarf

Every week we join the lovely Coombe Mill country kids linky which is about getting outdoors having fun with your children. There are some great posts so do check it out and join in.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What beautiful photos and I love the look at tractor watching

  2. I wish we could get my youngest to wrap up warm like that. He's a complete nightmare and nearly always refuses a coat or takes it off within moments....we have to compromise on 2 hoodies!

  3. Laura I love the clothes you dress your boy in, he looks so stylish and practical all at once. Some wonderful photos of a very happy boy who doesn't look at all bothered by the cold, I hope you remembered to dress yourself as warm!

  4. Beautiful photos of Mr A exploring and having fun outdoors :)

  5. Gorgeous photos. I'd forgotten how fun rolling was! Love the snowsuit :)

  6. Such beautiful photos! It's so important to still have outdoor fun even though the weather is so cold.

  7. Gorgeous photographs, he looks like he's having so much fun running around St. Fagan's. We'll have to head up there and find those climbing trees.

    Nipping over from Country Kids linky.

  8. Mr. A looks like he is having such a fantastic time. Lovely photos!


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