Wonderful walking stick adventures


Joules snowsuit
Mr A with the new walking stick I made him

So we have had another bitter cold snap, with the temperatures dropping, rain falling, dark clouds and generally a very horrible cold March, but that won't stop us from going outside. I feel as long as your suitably dressed with spares in the car and don't stay out beyond what is comfortable then everything is okay.

We decided to join my brother on his daily walk with Sam the family sheepdog, who is Mr A's best friend and who is such a wonderful calm dog. I had made Mr A a feather and beaded walking stick the other day and this was our first time out with it, I wasn't sure of the varnish would seal the colour in but it seemed to do the trick.

wild natural child
Wrapped up nice and warm

It was really nice to be out running around, picking up sticks and climbing over grassy mounds. Mr A was nice and toasty in his Joules tractor snowsuit we bought for him for Christmas as well as his lined snow boots, gloves and hat, some of which I wish we didn't need to wear in late March but nevermind. Since it had stopped raining I went for the warmer option for my feet as I don't know about you but my feet always eventually get cold in wellies so I went for my hiking boots which are lovely and warm.

wild walking
Walking through the high grass and opting for my super warm walking boots

We had a great time, jumping over puddles, throwing sticks for Sam and being curious and inquisitive about things, that was until Mr A ran into small but deep puddle that sent water straight down his boot, luckily I had some warm spare socks in my bag as the socks had absorbed most of the water and this made his walk back to the car a lot more comfortable and he was still grinning from ear to ear.

On our walk we also came across some old celtic/pagan type ruins and rocks with inscriptions, really interesting. The trees and flowers also seemed to resemble autumn rather than spring, it's almost like we are going back on ourselves, well I hope not anyway, fingers crossed for some warmer weather soon.
When we got back home we warmed up with some nice hot drinks and some yummy sandwiches, win win all round.
Just a few of the many celtic ruins we came across

Doesn't it look like Autumn again?

We love spending as much time outdoors and believe in a natural and magical childhood for our little man, that's why we love being apart of the Coombe Mill Country Kids Linky. Remember our little blog has also made in into the MADS Blog Awards Fashion and Beauty category and there are only two days to vote, if you like the blog please support us.


  1. Laura another delightful post. I love the stick all decorated. We might just have to have a go at this one, all kids love to collect sticks on the farm and I have never thought to decorate one. That Joules all in one suit looks perfect for this weather, their clothes are such good quality. I have a pair of their wellies which I love as they do keep my feet warm. Thank you for linking up to Country Kids.

  2. What a wonderful idea for a child's walking stick! Mr A is so cute! Amazing Celtic treasures on your walk, it looks like a beautiful location. I love Mr A's snowsuit, it's so bright and cheerful :)

  3. Love the walking stick, such beautiful photos

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  5. this looks like a lovely walk, whereabouts as this? would love to visit there myself. diolch. x


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