Winter Style - Tips for Wardrobe longevity


Winter jacket

Even though it's been fairly mild this season, winter is still well and truly here. The other day when we had a bit of a cold snap, while I was out, I realised my nose was cold, which is a sure sign that it is time to have those much needed warming accessories such as gloves and scarfs on hand. As with all the seasons I try and make my clothes last as long as possible and that Slow Fashion is the way forward with sustainability but that doesn't mean you have to be out of trend but instead opting for classic styles with a few on trend pieces to update ones wardrobe, as well as caring for the clothes you already own and opting for quality over quantity.

What I love about winter is layering and being able to indulge in all that is simple and cosy and of course being able to justify the need for some new items of knitwear which will keep you nice and warm under a jacket and is also perfect for relaxing at the end of the day with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate. Knitwear can start to fray after a while so do follow the cleaning guidelines. 


A good winter coat

This one is essential. A good winter coat may be expensive, but is always a worthwhile investment if you pick wisely as your coat will often last for many seasons meaning unlike other pieces in your wardrobe you really don't need to buy a new one every year. Designers know that many of us are on a tight budget, so always offer plenty of choice, and make sure that their designs will look good for a couple of years but going for a more classic style.

For 2017, there is no single coat trend. In the shops, you will find everything from fun duffle coats to classic single-breasted executive. If you like the faux fur look, you will be happy because there is plenty of that available. As I have said before Winter is a great time for layering, you could even opt for a lighter jacket such as a Parka and layer with a fleece or jumper and a long sleeve t-shirt to keep you warm.

winter accessories


There is nothing worse than cold or wet feet. If your feet get cold, you feel miserable all day, so buying so again investing in good quality winter footwear is essential and make sure you use them for the purpose they are designed for. Don't go for long walks in the park in shoes designed for an office and visa versa.

Boots are always a classic look for Autumn and Winter and are not only durable but are also very stylish ands chic as well as flattering and comfortable to wear. Boots also hug your legs closely and with a good pair of socks should keep your feet warm all day.


Wrapping up warm for bed is important in the winter. There is nothing worse than getting up to go to the bathroom then not being able to get warm again when you get back into bed. A nice pair of warm pyjamas and a good dressing gown soon sorts that problem out, again these can last more than one season. This year, there is a huge choice available with flannel pyjamas being a very popular choice and as we are still in January it's a good time to shop with all the sales happening it's easy to grab a bargain and pick up any essentials you may need to keep warm and toasty now is the time.

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  1. nice collection. I love all the pics and especially i ,like the coat and gloves. They are pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm embracing slow fashion too, Ive had the same winter coat for about 3 years which just needs one button sewn back on but otherwise perfect, also just knitted myself a scarf too! So important to stay wrapped up, although I always get a cold and red nose

  3. I know exactly what you mean when you say winter is here. Certainly a little bit of bitter wind chill this week. I do love a nice comfy pair of boots and your look just that

  4. I also love layering in the winter and a good winter coat is a definite must especially now as it is still so cold x

  5. It has gone really cold, I am so with you on the winter coat front, the most important thing in your wardrobe come winter.


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