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As you may already know 2017 is the year that we as a family are striving to become far more conscious about what we purchase and bring into the home. We are leaning towards the rapidly popular minimalist movement and have set myself a minimalist challenge but there are still things you simply cannot go without and being the parents to two healthy growing young boys we know how important it is that when it comes to choosing clothes that are going to last an be worth the money we have to part with.

As adults we at times sacrifice comfort for style but when it comes to children you simply can’t do that as comfort means they are more likely going to be happy with what they are wearing and if they uncomfortable it simply won’t work and being a parent of two very out-going kids I can vouch for that. We have made the mistake of doing this in the past and it’s surprising how sensitive kids can be when it comes to how something is tailored or cut, even down to socks and vests, both of which my son is sensitive too and only wears if they are a perfect fit.

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My personal mantra is always less is more but less doesn't necessarily mean the more expensive option, especially when it comes to kids and I recently wrote a post about winter style tips for wardrobe longevity. There are some designer labels which are simply not very well made, have an awful cut and I know wouldn't stand up to the test and rigour my active boys would put the clothes through and then you have some far more price-point labels which are very durable and long-lasting, it’s all a bit trial and error, but then again everything with parenting is like that.

I thought today I would feature a family run company on the blog today that manages to combine durability and practically with style seamlessly and that is the long established Spanish brand Mayoral whose slogan is “making friends” and they produce kids clothes with ethics, social responsibility but also trendy and affordable.

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They have a fantastic range for the winter spring transitional period and cater from newborn up to 16yrs old and best of all they are having a huge sale at the moment, so now really is the time if you know your going to have to get a few new items to see them through the seasons this year.

For younger ones they have some wonderful knitted cardigans which would be perfect for those not too hot not too cold kind of days and you can easily layer according to the weather.They also have some really fantastic lined jackets which would be handy for any time of the year in the UK

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For older boys they have some really cool and stylish sweaters and padded jackets as well as a large range of denim and corduroy trousers which are made to withstand tree climbing and countryside adventures. Mayoral of course also cater for girls and have some beautiful ponchos and wool coats. Being a Spanish brand the whole collection has that effortlessly cool European feel to it and with the current sale its a fantastic price point option for all budgets.

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  1. I often struggle to find smarter clothes for my son. Everything is always covered on a cartoon character rather than just plain and simple.

    1. It can be quite hard with boys to find decent clothes that are both stylish and practical

      Laura x

  2. It can be really hard to find smart clothes for boys that they actually like. These are all wonderful, look practical and the boys look so smart.

  3. I have two step sons and shopping for boys is always so hard, they like smarter stuff, plaid shirts etc, but finding it an at affordable price can be so tricky.

  4. This is a great range, I wish this had of been around when my son was younger as the clothes would have been at the top of my list

  5. Great post Laura - my nephew is growing so quick and I appear to have become the auntie who buys him clothes all the time. I may need to take your advise though and realise that less is often more haha!

  6. These clothes do look very good as they look very smart in them. My friend has trouble shopping for her 7 year old son x

  7. I've not heard of this brand of clothing before, they look really smart. I always find it difficult to find smart clothes for boys, I'm going to have a look at these now!

  8. The clothes look very smart. I've not heard of the brand before x


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