4 things to keep your kids inspired to learn this winter


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So close and yet so far. We’re slowly closing in on the end of the school year. With just a few months left, you’ll want your child to finish out the year with enthusiasm and success. As parents it’s our job to give our children the necessary resources to excel. With about a quarter of the year remaining our youngsters might be a bit burnt out. If you think your little girl or guy is in need of a little boost, equip them with a couple of these essential items.

New Shoes

Being in the same environment everyday will inevitably produce monotonous results. Seeing the same things everyday leads to doing the same thing. Give your child a new outlook and confidence boost with a new pair of shoes. Not only will they look good, but they’ll feel confident as they strut their stuff in their footware. Confidence leads to raised hands and hand raising leads to better learning. We opted for a pair of Dr Martens for my eldest, check out the post I did about their kids school shoes

Kids Shoes

A Journal or Diary

Every kid needs an outlet or space where they can be at ease with themselves. As a child, finding these spaces can be difficult. Having a journal gives a child the chance to explore thoughts and release their accomplishments, thoughts and concerns into a safe space. When not reflecting or documenting, children can use their journals to let their creativity loose.

Cute kids journal from Stuck on You 

Personalised Labels

Maybe this isn’t something your child will jump for joy at when they receive them, but it’ll save the both of you a lot of hassle. Kids are notorious for losing things. A personalised label with your child’s name along with a phone number will help you rescue plenty of neglected articles of clothing.

kids bag

A New Bag

Normally this would wait for the following school year but maybe it’s time to reassess your child’s backpack situation now. It’s a bit tough to go about the school day when you’re worried that your things might fly out of your bag due to a rip. Unlike the rest of your child’s belongings, a backpack doesn’t have to be something they outgrow in a matter of months. Purchase your child a heavy-duty bag that’ll last for a year or two and won’t break under the pressure of algebra books.

Winter can feel very long for all of us and it's easy to start feeling uninspired by it all but it's surprising how something really small can lift spirits and re-energise one to learn a new skill or have a new outlook with regards to school and home learning.

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  1. It's always lovely to get nice new things. I love the idea of new shoes. I think getting nice new products give you a sense of renewal which is always a great feeling. I need to get some labels to put and Sylvia's clothes. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. Yes I agree it really does give a a sense of renewal which is sometimes needed around this time of the year

      Laura x

  2. I like the idea of a journal. I actually got my son a journal and I encourage him to share his thoughts on the day daily. I think this is helping him also remember his lessons :)

    Julie Syl Kalungi

  3. My 6 year old keeps a journal. He doesn't enjoy writing at school but I'm hoping that it's something he will enjoy if it's for fun at home.

  4. Such lovely ideas here. I like the idea of a journal. Will get one for our five-year-old.

  5. I love the idea of the journal and you are right, everyone needs a place and a space they can just write x

  6. Just bought Isaac a new bag and he loves keeping a journa l too

  7. I had a journal when I was younger and it really was a great release. I guess that's how I fell into blogging.


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