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Now I know a lot of you have read that title, and raised your eyebrows. In all likelihood you are thinking what is she on about? How can the statement that bathrooms really help sell houses be right? It's often on of the most overlooked spaces in any home but if your serious about selling than you really can't afford to overlook any part and having a beautiful bathroom certainly helps. 

Recently I have been helping a friend to dress her house for sale. She has had it on the market for a while, and is desperate to sell, and her agent advised her to spend a bit of money, and stage her home properly, something which is very big in South Africa but not so much in the UK, although I think it really helps set the stage to potential buyers. He told her that the two most important rooms of the house were the kitchen, and the bathroom.

We were not surprised that a nice kitchen attracts buyers to a property, but did were a little taken back that the same applied to bathrooms. However, it does and come to think about it whenever John and I have view a property I have always been won over by a beautiful roll top bath and John a rain shower.

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Apparently the recession has had something to do with it and in general people are going on fewer holidays, so want their homes to be as comfortable as possible, in particular the bathroom. Also with the manic and stressful world most of us live in, bathrooms are a space that people are increasingly using as a place to relax and almost create a spa experience in your own home. That is why sales of deep free standing baths and luxury shower enclosures are growing. People love the idea of being able to recreate a relaxing getaway in their own homes. They love being able to lay back in a bubbling bath, with a glass of wine, and their favourite music playing in the background, the simple pleasures really.

More than one bathroom is a major plus.

Most people now want a family bathroom and at least one en-suite, which is another sign of how important this part of the house is becoming to people and homeowners are investing more in their bathrooms. Even if you don't have another bathroom, for example we have a family bathroom upstairs and a small toilet downstairs, than use what you have an make that space special.

freestanding bath

The fact that people are paying more to do up their bathrooms is another sign of this trend. Being able to buy a property with an already modernised bathroom is a big draw. It means that you do not have to find the money to have the work done. In addition, you do not have to go through all of the inconvenience of being without the ability to shower or take a bath for a couple of weeks while you have the workers in.

If your planning to sell, how much should you invest revamping your bathroom? Well the main thing is to work within your budget, whatever that maybe, even if it's just a little spruce up or new shower head it's important to make sure your bathroom doesn't look dated but rather fresh and inviting. As you will see from this article you may be better off just refreshing your bathroom which will still make is very appealing to any potential buyers.

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  1. The bathroom is my favourite place! We have spent a fair amount of money redecorating ours and I feel it's been worth as it's become our place to relax in the bath after a long day
    Alice x

    1. So good to hear you agree with bathrooms being an important space and your sounds divine


  2. I love my bathroom. I really hate this trend with all white bathroom suites. You can't get any other color apart from white. I don't like white as it feels very hospital like x

    1. Thats very true - I like a little pop of colour here and there :)

      Laura x

  3. I love coppe colour Bath! It's gorgeous!!

  4. Since we moved into our house I rarely bath anymore, only shower, because the tub isn't that great. I can certainly see how a nice bathroom would help sell houses! Xx

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