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As a mum, you want to keep your brain active, and a great way of doing so is through games, with many of the best games for stimulating your brain available to download.

You will likely have read about research pointing to a general decline in people’s IQ and concentration levels, and there is something to the idea that modern life, with its relentless focus on technology and what is happening in the immediate moment, is having an adverse effect on our ability to concentrate. At the same time, technology offers solutions to help stimulate the mind. Specifically, there are many games and apps available to download to get your mind working. As a mum, you need an active mind, both for your sake and for that of your children.

What are some of the best games available to help stimulate the brain?

1. Lumosity - One of the most popular brain games available to download. It boasts more than 70 million users worldwide. Lumosity is described as a cognitive science app and uses science to create a number of games to stimulate the brain. Users choose the type of mental functions they wish to stimulate and Lumosity creates a customized routine that can be used daily to keep the mind in shape.

2. Fit Brains - A similar platform to Lumosity, which uses a series of brain games focused on six of the key mental functions. These functions are memory, focus, speed, visual, logic and language. Fit Brains employs a methodology to keep track of your progress and it then makes recommendations on making the challenges more difficult.

3. Eidetic - Memorizing and retaining information is as important to mums as it is to anyone else, and when you live a hectic life – and looking after young children can certainly be hectic – memorizing information might not be so easy. A useful brain game for memorizing anything from phone numbers to bank account information is Eidetic. Simply enter the information you want to remember into the Eidetic app and it then sends you notifications when the app wants you to test yourself. The tests are spaced out over the course of time, ensuring that you get to retain the information for longer.

4. Elevate - Another option, and one that would suit those who find they have little time to spare, is Elevate. It aims to boost memory, reading comprehension and the ability to focus, and does so using a series of exercises that take only a couple of minutes each to finish. Users get a higher score for speed and accuracy and you can track your progress to see what improvements you are making.

5. Traditional Puzzle Games - One should never underestimate more traditional games that challenge the brain such as Sudoko, crosswords of even bingo. As with all of these they can be played online and at home, making it easier to fit in 5 minutes of brain training at day. is that like so many other games, bingo has gone online. Older people will tell you how these traditional games such as bingo is for keeping the mind alert and helps improve hand and eye coordination.

Mums might also like to know that there are some great options online and to download in respect of brain games that they can play with their children. Stimulating your child’s brain is essential in order to create a learning environment in the home and give your child the best start in life before they start their formal education. Choose games that focus on maths and reading in particular, but remember also to choose games that are fun and stimulating for your child. Learning does not have to be dull, nor should it be, and brain games for children can be fun and colourful as well as functional.

When it comes to keeping your brain fit, novelty is a key factor, so try to play those games that have different features and options. Stimulating your brain using games is a great way to keep your mind in shape, and with the advent of smartphones and tablets, you can play online games wherever you are, at a time that suits you.

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  1. I quite like the brain training type of games, although my background in neuroscience tells me they have limited use... You end up training a very specific skill which often isn't applicable to the real world...

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. Puzzle games are my fave! They make me feel like I'm really using my brain and I feel accomplished after having completed them.


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