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So every month or so I like to go back through my instagram and pick out a few of our favourite memories, the days or moments that made us smile. As they say one picture can mean a thousand words and I think that is so true.

1. We discovered a secret picnic spot and garden near Cardiff which the boys love, it's full of amazing flowers and is lovely and quiet.
2. Reflecting on one of our favourite pieces in the house - this wooden peace sign was the first thing John and I bought together before having kids, for a house that would become a home.
3. We spent a beautiful sunny day strolling around the streets of the Welsh market town -Brecon. We also enjoyed a gentle paddle boat trip down the river Usk.
4. We have been trying to make small green and ethical changes to our lifestyle so I picked up this Keep Cup which is a barista quality glass coffee cup to use on the go, instead of using non-recyclable cups from high-street coffee shops.
5. We finally found time to check out the new Lido in Pontypridd park, the boys loved swimming outdoors and the retro feel of the place is great.
6. John and I went on a very rare date lunch at Wahaca which is just what we needed and this espresso and Mexican hot chocolate combo was a great way to end a wonderful meal.
7. I feel in love with these black and gold wall paper at Locke and Remedy in Cardiff (which also happens to serve amazing pizza) Baby G was less keen.
8. We enjoyed a lovely fathers day in Cardiff, John took my eldest to the cinema while I managed a little bit of shopping before we enjoyed a nice meal together as a family.
9. Earlier this month we ventured over the bridge into England and a fantastic day spent exploring the SS Great Britain and Bristol harbour, which I will share in a bigger post soon.


  1. Love this post so much, it's great to look back and actually reflect on memories! I might try this myself X

  2. I love Instagram posts like these, especially now Instagram hides so many great photos. I love your feed, so bright and colourful!

  3. Some gorgeous photos Laura. I like to do a monthly round-up for my Instagram photos too, it's lovely to look back and see all those memories together. I absolutely love Wahaca - in fact, hubby and I went there on Saturday night. Such a lovely treat x

  4. I need to know where the secret picnic spot is! It sounds like give done so much and been to so many lovely places x


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