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It feels like I blinked and my youngest has gone from a newborn to a toddler in no time and is learning things at such a fast pace. He watches his older brother like a hawk and is so eager to get involved and keep up with him. 

Every morning he climbs over me as we co-sleep most nights and the first thing he does is go to his brothers room to see if he is awake and tries to climb into his bed, which doesn't always go down well with my eldest. As soon as Baby G is up he is going a hundred miles an hour and I think things have happened quicker the second time around such as walking, using cutlery and his communication skills because he has an older sibling to look up too.

toddler bed

Even though like I said we co-sleep nearly every night and my youngest is yet to actually spend any time over night in his own bedroom we feel thats it's not going to be that much longer that he will be ready to go from the travel cot that is right next to our bed to his own toddler bed so we decided to set it up in his bedroom and see what he thought of it.

He immediately climbed on to it and got under the covers, imitating his brother and finding the whole thing amusing. We know it's going to be at least another 3-4 months before we would be happy to let him sleep on his own as he still tosses and turns to much to be safe in a toddler bed as well as being unsupervised if he decides to get up on his own in the night but change is certainly on it's way and we want to be prepared.

kids bedding

Just like with a cot you need to think of comfort as this of course is going to have a massive impact on their quality of sleep, as well as making sure you have a waterproof protector wether they are still in nappies or not. The Fine Bedding company have recently introduce a children's range that offers all  those bedding essentials including water proof protector sheets, washable pillows and duvets all of which is breathable and hypoallergenic.

We do feel like we learnt a few things through trial and error the first time around and thought I would share my top 3 cot to bed transitioning tips.

1. If your child is moving into a new bed it can be daunting change and upset the night-time routine and it will take a time to adjust so try and keep things simple and calm. Invest in a soothing and gentle projection nightlight as well as black out curtains and keep favourite teddies nearby for comfort.

2. Once you change over to a toddler bed ditch the grow bags and start using lightweight breathable duvets as sleeping bags can not only start to be quiet restrictive for a toddler but also cause a potential tripping hazard should they get up in the middle of the night and attempt to get out of bed.

3. Be patient as it may take a while before they settle into their new bed and if you are getting stressed or trying to rush the process they will pick that up and feel less settled. The main thing is to create a calm and safe environment. Also unlike a crib or cot they can now freely get in and out of bed so make sure you have nothing they can trip over or hurt themselves on.

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  1. Oh my goodness I can't handle the cute. He is SUCH a cutie! PS. The thought of putting Baby Girl in a toddler bed literally terrifies me. I'm keeping her in a cot until she's at least ten! Ha!

  2. This is all fab advice! I can't believe what a cheeky chappie he is... he's growing up so quickly! x

  3. I really like the bed you've chosen with the bed guard attached. Our twins cots converted into beds so they've slept in them since birth - they're four now (we like to get our money's worth!), but we have the detachable bed guards. Not that it matters much as we do-sleep every night and I can't see that changing anytime soon! x

  4. Time does sure go by very fast. I don't remember the switch over for me from cot to bed x

  5. Such cute photos! We put both the kids into a bed really early as I hated the cot taking up so much room, it is a big step though, they seem to much more grown up all of a sudden x

  6. ah he's so cute!! Beastie is still in his cot - he hates co-sleeping with me {I wish he would though!} and sleeps well in his cot!

  7. I LOVE that picture of him sat on the edge of the bed!! He looks like a tiny, adorable, middle aged man, ready for bed :-)

  8. Such sweet photos and I love the colours in your home! We haven't done a cot at all this time but both times, it's felt exciting giving the girls their own bed, even if it's been a while before they spent all night in it. G is growing up so fast!


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