3 Lessons I've learnt to create a Low-Stress Lifestyle


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While furthering my education was initially one of the most stressful and challenging things I've ever done as I had just had my first son, the lessons I learned from the experience on reflection have made it easier for me to lead a low-stress lifestyle, or at least attempt to. I always look back to that time and use it as a pin-point in terms of being over stretched and how even when I am feeling overwhelmed now I know I have come a long way personally, financially and in my work.

1. Stress Inhibits and Hinders Decision-Making Skills

We often stress about making the right decisions without even realising that the stress alone is hurting our chances of making logical choices. Being able to look at your own situation from the outside looking in will help you formulate a plan that is based on logic and not emotions or opinions. It's surprising how much stress can interfere with daily life so talking to someone to help put things into perceptive wether that be friends, family or a counsellor or psychologist and with so much of the world being online now you can even access them digitally.

2. Not Worrying is Easier and More Productive

While having genuine concerns is not necessarily a bad thing, there comes a point when debating the possible outcomes in your mind becomes counterproductive. Logically, the thing you're worrying about could either turn out just fine or everything could go horribly wrong, but by constantly worrying about the latter you're actually increasing the chances of that negative result materializing. That might sound like metaphysical jargon, but it really is just another way to say “if you spend your time worrying instead of taking action, the very thing you worry about might become a very real problem.” You have to know how to turn off the worry switch at any given time.

3. Balance Reduces Burden

Have you ever wondered how some of the busiest people in the world still manage to enjoy their vacations? Many of these people are face big challenges but they still manage to forget their worries and have a good time. Well it's something I still need to work on and that;s maintaining a balanced lifestyle, which really is key to keeping stress levels low. Create an agenda that allocates an appropriate amount of work and leisure time, then the only thing left to stress about is sticking to your schedule.

A Little Stress Can Be a Good Thing 

Don't underestimate the importance of moderation when it comes to stress. Too much stress can be unhealthy, but a complete lack of stress can lead to carefree complacency, which can land you in situations that will ultimately increase your stress in the long-term. Thus, try to find a balance that allows you to stress enough to get things done, yet not so much that it affects your wellbeing. If I could go back in time I often wonder if I would of studied something else like counselling or social work and in reality that is still possible with online courses from MSW Rutgers, in fact my brother is going back study and has recently applied to do Politics at the Open University. What are your best de-stressing tips and would you got back to study if you could?

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  1. Great lessons here Laura. I agree 100%. I try to live a stress free life and for the most part would say I achieve that. Anything for a simple and happy life x

  2. This is all great and stuff I need to take on board. I should start writing an agenda so I don't feel so overwhelmed x


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