Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide


Nice, France

Are you feeling a little stuck or uninspired in the run up to fathers day? Or simply looking for something a little bit different or unusual? Well I have put together a fun and interesting gift guide which should of have something for everyone, regardless of budget. First of all some of you may already know I have been working with Braun and John personally put the beard trimmer to the test so if your looking to have your man neaten up his unruly beard than the Braun Beard Trimmer is a winner.

Beard Trimmer

If you want to tap into their interests wether he be an extreme junki, a fitness freak or rather prefer to spend his days with a beer in hand and a bbq going then these three options are worth looking at. First is the Black Belt Beer Box from Beer Hawk which includes 4 distinctly different beers along with a black belt beer guide so Dad can begin his journey of discovery, best of all it's currently selling for a special price of £12 (normally £20)

Extreme sports

If you are not 100% sure of what will take your other half's fancy but know he would enjoy something active and outdoors then the Action Adventures smart box which has more than 300 exciting experiences to choose from including adrenaline thrills, action sports and driving and costs £49.99

If your planning to become a little bit more active or want to enjoy family bike rides than any man would be over the moon with one of these super stylish Loft 7i aluminium frame Electra bike which is perfect for the commuter, meaning he can save money and get fit, plus they are made to last and retail for around £450-£600

If the man in your life is more into fashion and style then I have put together a few ideas below that hit the mark with practicality, design and are on trend and perfect for Fathers Day. I know that John always loves to get something he can wear, this is probably because as soon as you have kids the clothes budget tends to go on them than yourself.

Fathers Day

1. Mayfly Woven Nike trainers £90
2. Armor-Lux Heritage t-shirt £ 45
3. Fathers Quarterly magazine £15
4. Fjall Raven Kanken Canvas and Leather backpack £109 
5. Timex X Red Wing Waterbury watch  £79
6. Ralph Lauren Blue Spray £60

I'm working with Britmums and Braun on #TeamSoft v #TeamTickly campaign about how to get the best kisses this Fathers Day. All words and thoughts are my own


  1. Some great ideas Laura - it's tricky sometimes to buy for men - G's getting some new aftershave this fathers day!

  2. Nice suggestions. The Braun BT50 beard trimmer is truly awesome. I should know, I use one every day! Beer Hawk is also good, esepecially at epice. . Hope the day goes smoothly in your house.

  3. Great ideas, Mr C is so hard to buy presents for as all he likes is rusty old metal and car parts! The beard trimmers sound good though :) x

  4. I always find the men most difficult to buy for on Father's Day and birthdays so there are some great ideas here!

  5. Super guide, love the bike :)

  6. Love some of these ideas. Very stylish classic Timex.

  7. Great ideas Laura - I want to get my husband a bike so he can go on bike rides with the kids this Summer but then I'd have to get me one too so I didn't feel left out ;-)

  8. I love the backpack and I know my hubby would love the beer! x


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