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Chai seeds, cacao, kale; all of these are very much “In foods” for those who are health conscious, in fact many of us are spending a small fortune at the supermarket each week in search of the next healthy fix or new superfood discovery. The crazy thing is being fit and healthy does not need to cost a fortune and actually the one thing we need to consume more of than anything else is water! Plain and simple – water really is the key to life, health and longevity yet we often overlook this and it honestly is the biggest “super liquid” known to man.

Being a busy mum it's really important to us as a family to educate our outdoor loving kids about the value of good food and eating healthy as this effects their future and how they will live their lives and every parent wants their children to grow up big, strong and healthy, which is why we encourage drinking water throughout the day, even if that means adding a little bit of fresh cut of fruit to make it look more appealing.

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Not all water is equal however and different parts of the UK have different levels of quality when it comes to your tap water and this can effect both the taste and the health benefit of it and ideally all tap water should be filtered first by Reverse Osmosis, which is an advanced method of water purification that removes any contaminants from tap water.

There are a few simple things we can do to improve the water supply in your home.

Pick up a simple water filter, although do be aware that you regularly need to replace the filter every month or so which can add up after a while.
Water bottle filter – these are one-person filters so basically filters the water as your drink it, once again they need to be replaced often and are not as good as removing everything.

Install a water filtration system such as that from Kinetico into your home that helps softens your water and removes impurities from your drinking water.

You may think some of these are not cost efficient but did you know that bottled water costs 1,000 times more than tap water and drinking great tasting water is not only beneficial for your health but also great to cook with and can even effect the way your tea or coffee tastes.

As I have said many times on the blog, we are planning on putting our house on the market by September this year and where ever we move to we will be installing a filtration system into our kitchen as we all see it as a long-term investment into our health as a family.

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