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Do you look forward to jetting off somewhere with the whole family? Spending your days building sandcastles on the golden beaches or playing in the pool at the hotel can be great fun.

With this sudden change in weather I am already thinking of a cheeky winter sun break to somewhere, well a lot warmer. I think it's the perfect time of the year to plan a beach holiday as it breaks up coldest season of the year and for me make's it mentally easier getting through the long dark days in the UK and who doesn't like a relaxing break away?

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Enjoying some beach time

While family time on holiday is something to look forward to, one thing you’re bound to be dreading is the packing. So, before you even start looking at holidays to Cyprus from Monarch, start thinking about that suitcase.

Packing for yourself to go on holiday is difficult enough but it’s even harder when you’ve got children in tow. To help you avoid a mental breakdown before getting off, here is a guide to help you pack the kids’ suitcase.

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Kids can go through clothes like there’s no tomorrow. One minute they’re dressed to impress in their Sunday best and the next they’ve spilled yogurt all down their front.

Now they might be a messy bunch, but if you’re going abroad for longer than a week, they’ll either have to wear clothes more than once or you’ll have to wash while you’re away.

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Always wear durable clothes such as denim

First things first, avoid white. Anything that’s particularly light will just attract the dirt and last around ten minutes. Opt for bright colours instead. It’s also worth remembering that if you tend to pick up t-shirts while you’re away, pack less than you’ll need.

Denim is great for the little ones, not only is it hard-wearing and durable but it can be worn time and time again. What’s more, it doesn’t crease as easily as other materials so you don’t have to worry so much about how it’s packed.

Make sure you’ve got a bit of variation though –shorts, jeans and dungarees!


Unfortunately, clothes aren’t the only thing you need to pack for young children – toys are a must too; unless you can handle four hours on an aeroplane with a screaming child?

Things like colouring books and crayons are great for the flight, but inflatables will keep them quiet in the swimming pool and make their holiday as fun as possible.

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What to leave behind

It can be tempting to bring absolutely everything with you on a beach holiday, but there really is no need. To help you get the lid shut on your suitcase, here are some items that you can leave behind.

Towels: your little monster might have their favourite towel at home but they’re bulky and take up too much room. The hotel will have towels so don’t be afraid to leave yours behind.

Toiletries: instead of filling your case with huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner, use the kids’ shampoo. It won’t do any harm for a week or two!

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Me and Mr A on our first short getaway, we had soo much baby stuff packed

Don’t forget

You might be on holiday but kids will still be kids, so you’ll need some basic essentials – especially for the really young ones. Make sure you leave enough room in your luggage for:

Baby food/milk

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