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Style on the run when your a busy mum

Attaining the coveted title of ‘stylish parent’ is no easy feat. Parenthood comes with a range of new responsibilities, each more tiring than the last which can lead to fashion-related concerns plummeting down a priority list.

Those truly dedicated to remaining stylish and savvy during pregnancy and parenthood are often just as interested in their babies looking chic as well. While many women learn over the years that beauty can mean pain, this equation simply doesn’t work for babies. Comfort and style need to work seamlessly together for the stylish baby and above all else, be practical.

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Many chic moms can find great baby clothes at charity and vintage shops. From baby sleepsuits to onesies and even diaper bags, shopping for your baby can be fun and inexpensive while contributing to a unique style.

Online shopping is a great way to find clothes for babies as well. It’s always a good tip to buy larger sizes than immediately needed so if moms find something great online, they should consider buying multiples in different sizes.

festival toddler
We love a mix of styles, fun and the odd festival look too

Websites like Gumtree, Ebay and Amazon offer stylish and inexpensive clothing options for babies that are easy to browse. With enough time and patience, style-savvy parents can source amazing one-of-a-kind goods for their kids at extremely reasonable prices.

For parents who are interested in truly unique style, consider a mix and match approach. Hand me downs are a great way to source your baby-related items and borrowing outfits for special occasions might be the most cost-effective approach for many parents who can’t justify spending money on an outfit that a baby will likely wear only once.

toddler clothes
Upcycled toddler clothing can be fun and chic

If a hand-me down is given in a permanent capacity, the industrious and skilful parent can apply their own sense of style by sewing together bits of previously worn clothes and blankets and transforming them into something special and new.

Many people consider parenthood to be the demise of a fashionable existence. This is simply not the case. Savvy moms and dads can source a wide variety of incredible items from retail outlets, online stores and even friends and family. A mix and match wardrobe should consider style and practicality so that every parent and child is effortlessly comfortable and chic.

Family fashion
You don't need to change your look after becoming parents

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