Getting ready for Halloween with M&S


witches biscuits

So we are really excited about Halloween this year as it's the first year the little man it actually old enough to be involved and he has learnt a few tricks already. We don't like things to be too scary so we have gone light on anything with realistic skulls or scary motifs and have sticked to carving pumpkins (separate post to come) as well as enjoying making paper chains and playing with our shadow theatre from M&S.

We mixup home baking and crafting with little bits and bobs we pick up as with being in the middle of a house move it's much easier doing it that way and a lot of fun. We always make paper chains for christmas but I have to say for little ones the M&S paper chains is easier as it comes with a pre-glued area you strip off and stick together, perfect for a three year old.

paper chains
Having fun making paper chains

The puppet theatre has also provide a lot of entertainment and the little man has actually look forward to it getting darker so he can play around with the friendly little goals and ghosts. As well as munching on the crooked witches fingers and scorpion shapes crisps. We usually don't have that many treats in the house but we make exceptions for celebrations, festivals and special times of the year and Halloween is certainly one of those times.

Shadow fun

For the adults I am also very much in love with these cute little pumpkin cufflinks and boo socks from M&S - too cute. What do you have planned for this Thursday? For the actually night I think we are going to go traditional with some homemade pumpkin pie and a spot of bob the apple.

Pumpkin Cufflinks £6

Boo Halloween Fresh Feet socks £4.50

M&S sent us some Halloween treats to review, all words and thoughts and opinions are 100% our own


  1. I'm excited for Halloween too! Those finger treats are creepy but awesome!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. Hi Sara

    Thanks so much for stopping by, the finger treats also tasted amazing, didn't last 5 seconds in our house

    Laura x

  3. I love those finger treats. they look so real! Happy Halloween!


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