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Joules jumper

So anyone will be able to tell you, as soon as you become parents your life changes forever, although personally my buying habits changed the first day I found out I was pregnant, I immediately went into budgeting mode. This however did not happen with John who until the day Mr A arrived didn't really have to justify his clothing purchases, although now his thought process has changed and he really takes his time to decide what he really wants each season rather than making purchases on a whim.

When you have a child your priorities change, you suddenly have a little one who depends on you and you naturally want to provide the best for them, you start to see the world in a different light and if you could see into the future, have a tarot reading or a crystal ball you may have some understanding on how to prepare for the most amazing life changing event - becoming parents. Personally I have always preferred natural products and grew up spending many hours outdoors and wanted to share my life of nature with the little man. Another thing we like to instil in him is less is more and when possible go for quality over quantity and try and support local business's.

London zoo
The two boys at London Zoo

In the beginning I use to feel guilt about buying myself anything, I felt like any extra money should go towards the little man, even when he had everything he needed, I went for months on end not buying even necessary items for myself but I also started to realise you need to make a balance, with yourself and make sure you are still happy with who you are and John was great with surprising me with little treats every now and than and making sure I knew I was also worth it.

With nearly all couples these days you need to budget, so here are some tips for keeping stylish when your a parent 

1. Look after your clothes and they will look after you - John has this down to a tee, I am still really unsure how he has kept his white converse white for so many years.

street style

2. Learn how to upcycle and customise clothing

3. Don't buy anything you don't really love or need, even if it's in the sale - rather put that money towards an item you know you will treasure.

4. Be open minded about where you shop, you never know what you may find in a charity shop, vintage market or places like TKMaxx.

5. Have fun, why not, you don't need to turn frumpy over-night.

6. Stay stylish but also practical, unless your having a child-free day. I always wear flats with my son during the day, as we love to run around, go for walks, hike and adventures.

Ralph Lauren chambray

It's so strange when you look back and reflect on your time before having children. We read lots of books about parenting and raising natural children when I was pregnant but it is still a lot different to what you would expected, all in the best way of course. I just thought life would slot back together very quickly but really your life is divided into two, life before and life after having children, the life after has been by far the most rewarding. The great thing is that as a family we are always learning and growing together, so it's going to be lovely to see were we are in a few years time.

beardy man
Two peas in a pod


  1. Please find out how your husband keeps his Chucks white! :)

    1. I know right - I need to find the secret but I think he just makes sure he doesn't step in mud and cleans them as soon as they get a stain *I think*

      Laura x

    2. I don't think I have the perception or the patience for that but thanks for getting back to me so quickly. :)

  2. Absolutely love that first photo hun, amazing x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. What great advice, something we should live by regardless of family commitments.

  4. Your photos are fabulous. Loved that first one.

    Great advice here! :)

    Visiting from the #SITSSharefest :)
    Have an awesome weekend!
    Tami Marie

  5. We love going to car boot sales. You can pick up some fantastic vintage clothes at bargain prices

    1. Car boot sales are amazing, I love that you never know what you are going to find :)

      Laura x


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