A Boy and his Dog


toddler and dog

Just before the cold snap came in we had a little walk up on the greenbelt called The Common only a short drive away. It's a lovely place, nice and quite with a view over the town and we always find lots of little bugs like ladybirds and different kind of spiders in the reeds, as well as Holly and Blackberries. There are also Druid circles up on the common with a really old rock called the "Rocking stone". My mother came along for the walk and so did Mr A's best friend in the whole world - our family sheepdog Sam. We are so lucky to have Sam, he is such a pleasant and kind natured dog who has the patience of a saint when it comes to Mr A. He is getting on in age and between the two of them they almost walk at the same pace and there friendship is something of beauty and pure love and it truly will be a very sad day when Sam is no longer with us.

cute toddler

It's been wonderful to see there friendship grow over the past 3 years and Mr A is very protective of "his" Sam, he even stands in front of Sam, guarding him if anyone tries to stroke him, which can be a problem as Sam is very friendly when we are out and about. I love how Sam realises that Mr A is also very small in the fact that he pulls very hard on the lead with anyone else but with Mr A he is very gentle.

Best friends

As with anything in nature I always try and teach Mr A to approach with caution, wether it's a poisonous foxglove or wild mushrooms we are not sure about and of course dogs we don't know, since we have never really worried about Sam, even when Mr A has walked on his tail or tried to make him wear his summer hat, Sam has never even flinched, I try and make Mr A aware that not all dogs are like him, I think thats a moral you need to apply to many things on one's life.


It's these simple pleasures and moments in life I love, there is nothing better than spending time outdoors with the ones you love, I always feel so refreshed after a little adventure.
I have linked up with the lovely country kids linky this week, if you love spending time outdoors with your little ones why not join in

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. <3 this is SO SWEET. I love my puppies and my son sure adores them too!


  2. so cute!!! love that you got to capture these moments:)

  3. Such cuteness xx my stud adores his Nanna's doggy who is a lil feisty but so calm with him. Truly the best lil buddies** lovely post #countykids

  4. Love the shoes :) This so makes me want to get a dog for our wee man. What a great friend to have and share such lovely walks together.

  5. Gorgeous photos of the best friends together and the scenic walk on the common. It's days like this that make for treasured memories of quality family time together. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. These are wonderful photos, the clarity and light is just sublime in them. And you're perfectly right, it is the time spent with loved ones which matter.

    Popping over from Country Kids.


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