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punk rock

I was definitely a skater surfer punk growing up, spending long summers at the beach in South Africa or in the skate park, dying my hair various artificial colours and also sporting some 80's hair trends, going to gigs every weekend, for years on end, however slowly over that time my style changed although not completely. After going on a Girls Vans skate tour I tore my ACL ligament which put an end to most of my skating and then when the little man came along it meant that even though both John and I are huge music fans we had to put some of our gig-goings on a back burner (only slightly).

The Who playing in Cardiff earlier this year

Like I have said in the past your whole life does not need to change because you have a child hence why we ventured as a family to two festivals this summer, danced, camped and had an amazing time. We also make time to see some bands we really love, like our recent date night to watch the iconic British band - THE WHO and I still try to keep up to date with what is happening in and around town - I hate to miss out on a good band that may only tour once in a few years plus discovering new music.
The great thing about music is you can use it for all sorts of creative and stylish inspiration.

leather jacket

I certainly have elements of music and rock and roll in my daily wardrobe is a women leather jacket being wore down so much it's almost thread bear and I still love blacks with touches of animal prints such as my creepers and of course anything with studs, like my Dents bag below.

leather jacket

Leopard print creepers
My leopard print creepers

I know personally with age my tastes have changed and now have a far far broader range of music but there are still things that remain the same, I still enjoy fun fast punk rock, early heaver stuff such as Black Sabbath to early garage punk of the Ramones and 80's hip hop such as Run DMC but now I also listen to more mellow stuff with a hint of folk and perhaps even some world music from travelling so much. At times I really wished I lived in London, as much as I really love the small intimate venues in Cardiff it would be amazing to go to the O2 all the time, at any given point they have numerous people I want to see, for example, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, John Mayer, Black Sabbath are all playing in the upcoming months. I have to say if a band that was on my "Must see list before I die" played the 02 - such as The Beastie Boys (which can no longer happen R.I.P MCA) I would probably make a weekend of it and travel to London, simple because we only live once.

I also enjoy sharing my love of music and inspiration with the little man, who has recently acquired a Rolling Stones tee and Stone Roses jumper, there is nothing cuter than a punk kid.

Mr A rocking his style during the summer


  1. Your LO looks so cute in his little outfit. I completely understand, growing up I really just loved old school rock. I'm a sucker for 80's Soft Rock. (Does that make me a little lame?)

    I'd love to see The Who, Roger Daltrey is amazing. You're so lucky to have seen them in Cardiff

    Kate Hurn (UK Bloggers)
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    1. Hi Kate

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for the great comment, yes The Who are great, I think i've seen them
      three times now :)

      Laura x

  2. They are so cool I love the look .

    1. Hi Hannah

      Thanks for stopping by, glad you like the looks :)

      Laura x

  3. ah Beastie Boys.....i was a huge fan back in the day...and yep i too regret never seeing them live would of been amazing!! 80's hip hop...girl after my own heart xx

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  5. I love ROCK!!! Especially I love watching electric guitarists who carry a tiny 8" - 10" speaker amp on stage.


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