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So it's no lie, we love Bristol and we feel really lucky that we get to live in between two great cities - Cardiff ( 20 mins) and Bristol (50min) which isn't bad when that is from our front door to the city centre. Bristol city is such a visually beautiful and interesting place that sounds out creativity and inspiration and I always feel happy when we have time to go there. I finished my Photography degree in the city and it takes me back to juggling a newborn and driving across the bridge into England 3 days a week. So when NuffNang, a lovely bunch of blog lovin people decided to organise a little coffee and cake date to discuss all things bloggy, so when I found out I did a little dance in the kitchen with joy as not only did I get a perfect excuse to go to one of my favourite places but also meet some lovely ladies.

Fritha from Tiger Lilly Quinn

The blog meetup took place at a lovely little coffee shop near the waterside, called Spicer and Cole, which had some super yummy cakes, friendly stuff and cute retro fittings, it was tucked down a side street just off a central green and was perfect venue as it wasn't too busy, meaning we could actually hear each other and have a proper chat. Having been so busy and a bit under the weather of late, the meetup also gave me a chance to wear my new shiny shoes, which I am loving at the moment

shiny brogues
My new shiny clarks brogues

 There were some great bloggers at the meet - Fritha from TigerlillyQuinn who I have met before who has a lovely little lifestyle blog as well as Jane from Practically Perfect Mums, Arya from London Flaneur, Haley from Ceriselle and Jesse from Hecticophilia. I always find informal and casual meet ups like this are really inspiring and an opportunity to talk to others who understand what you are trying to do and helping troubleshoot common blogger issues.

Spicer and Cole

Arya and Jesse who work for NuffNang had driven down from London for the day and all the others except me came from Bristol although having spent so much time in Bristol through studying I regard it as my 2nd home (or any excuse to visit I take heehee) By the end I felt I had widened my circle of bloggers friends even more, which is a great thing about the community as no matter what you blog about everyone os equal, welcoming and friendly.

Jess and Jane

So after the meet up I had a bit of time to take a short stroll by the waterside, I love watching the narrowboats on the canals and take in the cafe culture and street art that is so prominent in Bristol.

I wanted to share my TOP 5 reasons why I love this South West English City -

1. Tons of street art - its' Banksy's hometown after all
2. Rivers, Canals and Narrowboat living - who wouldn't want to live on a narrowboat!
3. Independent and local stores rule - the city is really into supporting local art and crafts and the markets here are great.
4. Tons of healthy and veggie eateries - I love that there are so many organic and independent cafes
5. Architecture - I love all the Georgian buildings and it's visual such a beautiful city

Bristol - a creative city

I always feel really inspired after a day trip to Bristol and I am going to make more of an effort to spend some time there one day a month as it really is so close to us, being under an hour and well connected by public transport. Unlike Cardiff it has a more european feel to it and a lot more natural, organic and indy stores which we love as well as some really great street style, record stores and pop-up art galleries.

Street Art and Narrowboats


  1. Thank you for mentioning us Laura! Thank you as well for the great afternoon and great conversation :) Jesse x

    1. Hey Jess
      Thanks so much for the lovely comment, yes was great to meet everyone :)

      Laura x

  2. Looks like you guys spent an awesome day together! I love the brogues from clarks

    1. Hey Dora

      Thanks for dropping by, yes it was a lovely day :)

      Laura x

  3. So sad I missed this! Hope I can come to the next one? :-)

  4. How fun! And nice to know a little more about Bristol! Will have to take a trip that way one day!


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