Going on Holiday with the family in the UK


family portrait
Us on one of our 2nd family holiday in Chepstow in 2011

We all love having a little break, going on holiday or exploring somewhere new - fact! I mean who doesn't like a relaxing break from reality or trying something new, enjoying time on the beach or a water-park or having a meal out. We love to travel, whether that be home or away and I feel that we often overlook the country we live in.

Mimi American diner
Us enjoying a glamping trip in Cornwall, where they had an American diner 

We personally have had some amazing stay-cations - glamping in Cornwall, countryside breaks in the Cotswolds, spending time with family in a converted Chapel in rural Wales and cool cosmopolitan city breaks in Bristol, Bath and London and with so much more still to see and do, I am sure we will fit in another adventure soon.

converted chapel
Me and Mr A in the converted Chapel  we stayed in earlier this year

Something really has to be said at looking closer to home in terms of the pro's and cons - for one it's often less travel time, you can usually drive or use public transport to get to places, it can also be less stressful with toddlers and young children in tow, it's budget friendly and if time is of the essence you can just go away for the weekend. I am not saying we don't love traveling further afield and overseas - because of course we do, but if your looking for a cheap break in the UK summer holidays to relax than there is a lot of choice, with family orientated holiday camps such as Butlins, which really have something for everyone, no matter what your age and if your looking for a stress free option this is a good choice as you can either go self-catering or all inclusive, with some excellent food options and with so much entertainment option you will never be lost for choice of how to keep your little ones busy.


Here are five reasons why you should consider a family holiday at a Butlins holiday park 

1. The holiday parks are located by the seaside - I mean who doesn't like spending time on the beach
2. They have some amazing sporting activities to keep fit and healthy as a family.


3. The offer spa treatments for tired parents
4. They have an array of healthy eating options
5. Very family friendly

Butlins luxury

Butlins are currently running a summer holiday sale with prices starting from £72 for three days but the offer ends in 5 days time so don't miss out.


  1. There are so many amazing places to see in the UK and I think it's a blessing in disguise that the recession has meant people have turned to staycations rather than jetting off around the world. Caravan and camping holidays in the UK provide great fun for all the family and it doesn't matter where you go because you'll all be together.

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  3. UK is interesting place to spend the vacation or if you go with your children then seriously your trip become so nice...I love to see this beautiful post in this site...Thanks to kind of sharing..!!

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  5. I agree UK is much better for holidays than other countries , we have recently bough a campervan and any weekend bank holiday off we go to visit another place of interest, if you don't have a camper you can hire one from Here


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