Summer sun and Cocktail fun


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I think I can safely say that we have all been enjoying the UK heat wave lately and what better way enjoy the weather than with BBQ and summer cocktails on a sunny sunday. Now I am from South Africa and the one thing we know how to do really well is braai, or as the British call it BBQ, in style, with my brother being the braai master, he even provided me with vegetarian burgers cooked outdoors. To meet it's one of the best ways to socialise and entertain, there is nothing better than a slow cooked meal with good conversation and a warm evening.

My brother the braai master

Of course with any BBQ you need to have something to drink and we were given the task of creating some summer drinks using Glenfiddich whisky, a spirit I would not normally pick first for cocktails so was eager to taste the results. After a lovely morning spent in the park with the little man we headed off to Sainsbury's and picked up some lemons, lime, fresh strawberries and some snacks along with Ginger beer and Apple & Pear juice as mixers for the drinks.

Cocktail mixer

It really is great to spend time with family, especially since is have been so busy for both John and I and for Mr A this really is his first proper summer as the last two have been right offs. As he ran around in the garden, we got to sit back and relax while the food was cooking and it was great catching up with everyone.

stylish map
My mother enjoying the good weather

While my brother tended to the bbq, I got down to making the drinks, which I had a lot of fun doing. The first drink is very simple but very refreshing and the men loved it - I call is Ginger Ice T. 

All you need is 

1 part whisky

3 parts ginger beer

served in a short glass with ice and lemon

Ginger and whiskey
Ginger Ice T

The second one was worked off a recipe I had seen a while ago and is perfect for the ladies being a little bit sweeter and more delicate in taste and of course very yummy, I call it Golden Glen -

1 Part Whisky

3 Parts Pear and Apple juice

Dash of Argave syrup

Dash lemon juice

Once all the food was cooked with laid out a real feast of of fresh food, with home made coleslaw, three bean salad, green salad, meat and meat-free options off the braai and followed by strawberries and ice-cream topped with Amaretto, which is divine and you really should try. It's something my mother has been doing ever since she went to a dinner party in South Africa hosted by an Italian women, it adds a whole new dimension to ice-cream.

three bean salad
Homemade coleslaw

drinking whiskey

Mr A loved the strawberry as did I and it was the perfect way to the end of a lovely weekend spent with both my favourite boys and family. I was also really surprised at how lovely Whisky is in cocktails and drinks and is something I will be experimenting with more in the future, let's just hope the weather keeps up like this for the rest of the summer - that would be a amazing!



  1. it's way too early but I really fancy one of those right now...

    1. Haha it's never too early :)
      They are really yummy - I recommend it :)

      Laura x

  2. What a lovely post! I love your photos, especially the one of your mum with her head resting on her hand - she is beautiful!

    1. Oh thanks, I will let her know, she hates having her photo taken so I always have to do it on the sly :)

      Laura x

  3. Ginger & lime was my favourite Glenfiddich mixer. It is nice to have a bit of sun, isn't it? :)

  4. Hi Rachel

    Thanks so much for stopping by - yes so great to have some sun for once :)

    Laura x

  5. Looks like a fun day. Your photography is beautiful.

    Stopping by from the other side of the pond...and Saturday ShareFest.

    1. Hi

      Thanks so much for stopping by, will be sure to check out your blog :)

      Laura x

  6. Mmm, this looks like my kind of barbecue. Great pictures! Stopping by from the SITS Share Fest, and I'd love for you to drop by and visit my blog if you get the chance. Have a fabulous weekend!

    Diary of a Debutante

  7. You had me at cocktail. lol. I have to try this. Your photography is absolutely beautiful. :)
    New friend visiting from SITS :)

  8. Looks like you guys had fun! Wonderful pictures...they really capture the day well!

  9. Lovely photos, looks like you had a fabulous day x


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