Garden Tales


toddler gardening

We love to garden - fact. Mr A and I refer to our garden as the farm. I find it very therapeutic and Mr A loves tasks and enjoys raking leaves, planting seeds and putting weeds into bags. We spend time in the garden everyday, just pottering about. With all the sun this week our sunflowers had really started to head towards the sun, they still have a long way to go but it's great to see them grow stronger everyday. Our Onions are also starting to pop through the soil with green shoots - we cannot wait to see how they turn out.

garden fun
Mr A with his rake to the ready

sunflower seedlings
Our sunflowers are really starting to grow

growing onions
One of our onion shoots

Another thing we love to do in the garden lately is have a bite to eat and read a book, it's so relaxing to sit in the sun and read a story to the little man. Mr A loves stories - especially ones full of colourful animals and characters so when the lovely people at My Little Big Town asked us to review three new books they have just released which are aimed at pre-schoolers who are starting to learn colours and counting in a fun and interactive way we couldn't wait. We were sent the Monsters book of colours and numbers and Mr A's favourite - wheres the scone? A fun counting book with animals from around the world eating different kinds of foods, it makes Mr A giggle every time. They really are lovely books that are fun and easy for little ones to understand, recommended!

toddler laughing
Mr A laughing while reading - Where's my Scone
monster book
Very fun little books

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