Dawn till Dusk - Boys Club


fashion shoot
John doing his best "Nostalgic" look with sun flair

So recently as you may already know - it was Johns birthday and he really wanted both this Norse Projects hat and Ralph Lauren Lobster Polo so between his brother and I, that's what we got him - I always think it's best sometimes to actually get what someone asks for - I am usually terrible with this and get the complete opposite but on this occasion I decided to make Johns day.

Norse Projects hat

So for this weeks Boys Club - and first once John can actually do a more summer style outfit as the weather heats up again this week, he wears - Norse Projects Hat, Ralph Lauren Polo, HM Shorts, Jack Purcell Converse shoes

Mens street style

mens fashion


  1. Your man has great style, wish mine would dress like him! Amazing beard


  2. Good street style, cool hat and polo.



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