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Oh how I need the sun, and some culture, fresh food and inspiration. We are hoping to go to France at the end of the year - a place I love and have been many times, although there are still many parts I we have not yet explored - one being Mount Saint Michel, a beautiful island in Normandy which an amazing Church perched on the top. This is a place I would love to take Mr A as it looks so magical.

Normandy france

Another country I have had the pleasure of exploring is Greece, having been to Athens, Paros, Skiathos and Corfu, it is one of my favourite places and it's not hard to see why - wonderful weather, lovely fresh and healthy mediterranean food and inspiring surroundings. One of the islands I have always wanted to visit is Santorini with it's iconic white and blues houses and crystal clear sea.

Greek islands


  1. Mont Saint Michel is worth every bit of the difficult journey to get there! I wish I had the time to explore it more, but the group I was with was trying to visit the beaches of Normandy and Mont Saint Michel all in one day, which is a not a trip for the weary. Hope you get the chance to visit it soon!

  2. When I used to live in Europe I would visit Greece every summer. It is still my favourite place to be :)I found your lovely blog on IFB and started following :) Stop by for a visit sometime. If you like what you see you can stay updated by following either with GFC, Facebook, Bloglovin or Twitter :)
    Hugs :)

  3. Hi

    Thanks so much for stopping by, yes we are hoping to visit it soon, hear such great things about it :)

    Laura x


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