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As you may already know we love to camp, with think it's a great way to spend quality time with the family and is not only different but refreshing and exciting and it's always lovely to really switch off from reality and spend sometime under canvas. You can be as uncomfortable or as comfortable as you want and you can infact feel like your "Glamping" while camping as long as you invest in good quality equipment.

We cannot wait for Camp Bestival which is in less than 10 days time, our second festival of the year. We went to our first at the end of spring and as I have mentioned before the evenings became very cold but because we had some amazing season 3 sleeping bags we didn't feel it at all.

season 3 sleeping bag
Karrimor Hibernated 3 Season sleeping bags

We got our sleeping bags a while ago and I cannot recommend the Karrimor Hibernate 3 Season mummy bags from Sports Direct, they are very reasonable to buy, have some great specs with a double layer offset and hood keeping your head nice and warm and covering you completely and even John who is 6ft 2 was comfortable in his.The real key to having a good night sleep is what you sleep on and what your sleeping in, if you get these things right you will have a good time.

We slept on an Eurohike double airbed, although any decent airbed would do, along with our lovely and snug sleeping bags. Now when you think of sports direct you may not think camping equipment but that have some amazing deals on tents this year and it really is important to look for a decent tent, if your not sure about camping just go for a mid-range tent which can withstand a downpour.

Top five products worth investing in

1. Decent Tent
2. Good Sleeping bags
3. Air bed
4. Camping chairs
5. Decent stove and cooking equipment

Also make sure to pack a few games, favourite toys and books for the evening, they will usually be kept busy during the day it's great to have a few activities to do when winding down around bedtime, this also keeps them in there normal routine and sometimes children can become a little homesick so their favourite teddy bear should always be apart of your packing.

Here are three great tents currently on sale at Sports Direct and would be perfect for both a festival or countryside camping

family tent
Coleman Da Gama 4 tent £239.99

Gelert Atlantis 4 tent £120

festival tent
If you looking for something fun and different why not try the Gelert Cabana  4 tent £209

This post does contain links and we were offered the Karrimor sleeping bags in exchange for a few but our thoughts are 100% our own and no money has been exchanged

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  1. "We got our sleeping bags a while ago and I cannot recommend the Karrimor Hibernate 3 Season mummy bags from Sports Direct"
    Are they not very good?


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