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Classic Style for Your Home: Rustic Hardwood Flooring

With a head full of ideas for the new house, I want to share some of my inspiration with you, this week I am loving floors, especially wood floors, I grew up in a house that had beautiful wooden flooring throughout and the natural warmth you get from wooden floors is lovely under foot and something I miss and aspired to have in my home

wooden flooring

Style isn’t about current trends, it’s about classics that are timeless, attractive and guaranteed to never fade. From clothing, music and cinema to even the types of flooring we have in our homes, style is everywhere. If you’re considering a room remodel, and want to achieve a stylish and timeless aesthetic, consider sticking with a rustic theme. Rustic hardwood flooring is growing at a consistent pace in room design, and for very good reason. The rustic aesthetic is warm, timeless and just overall beautiful. Hardwood flooring is the perfect flooring option when hoping to piece together a rustic themed room. When deciding on the perfect rustic hardwood flooring, consider sticking with the following wood types:


beautiful home

These specific wood types are designed to look more worn in, which is the largest characteristic of rustic design. It’s important to also concentrate on other elements of the room, like furniture and lighting fixtures. One of the coolest parts about rustic design is the ability to repurpose old items to add to your new room. Everything from mason jars to old doors can be refurbished into new furniture and décor pieces. The goal of rustic design is to create a lived in look that is both attractive and classic.

inspired living

It is important to remember that rustic hardwood floors may be a bit pricier than other floors, but installing these beautiful floors is a smart investment for any homeowner. Hardwood flooring doesn’t only beautify any room, but it can add a significant amount to the resale value of your home.


  1. I love the floors in the second picture! Would love to have something similar in my house :)

    1. Hey Dora

      I know I would love to have something like that in my house too, on my dream list for sure

      Laura x

  2. Great post, Laura. I was excited to read your post since it is an atypical blog post and I was eager to read about your hardwood flooring tips as the owner of a new hardwood floor. I completely agree with your assessment about rustic flooring. I did quite a bit if research on pros and cons if different types of hardwood flooring. I fell in love with hickory flooring after seeing it in person. Hickory's warm tones were exactly what I was seeking to add more warmth to my living space. It has actually transformed my great room by increasing the natural light in the room. Rustic hardwood is definitely more expensive. This almost deterred me from making the investment. I am happy I made the decision to proceed.

    1. Hi Sharon

      Thanks so much for stopping by - wow how exciting to have a new floor - I love Hickorys warm tones as well - natural is the way to go :)

      Laura x

  3. It looks very classic! Pics are really very great. I always had a great interest on rustic oak flooring, There are numerous types of hardwood flooring available with a wide variety of features and characteristics to complement any décor, from the most old-fashioned to the most modern, and from the charmingly rustic to the resolutely urban. Last year I have done flooring from The Reclaimed Flooring Co, with Braided River Driftwood Oak Flooring. They had brown, grey and reclaimed green drown tones for a cool tone and mid to dark oak floor. Happy to look into my wonderful flooring house.

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