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Now I would firstly like to say that I personally don't subscribe to any kind of diet or gruelling gym routine, in fact, I've not stood inside a gym in many a year, but I do love getting outdoors, hiking adventures, trying new things and overall enjoy a variety of sports of physical activities that have a positive effect on my mental health, so ensuring that I am fit and health to enjoy these activities is important to me especially as I get older. 

There are a few things we can do to make sure we are keeping our bodies ready for those weekend adventures that don't involve having to hit the gym daily and being someone who is living post-injury (2 surgeries on my knee) it's also about finding what works for you and focusing on that. So I thought I would share some of the things I do to stay adventure-ready.

1. Walking

Personally, I love a good walk outdoors, exploring new trails and learning more about my local area, plus it's free and open to everyone, making it a really inclusive pastime and one you can do on your own, with friends, family and children. 

Walking is also one of the most underrated forms of exercise and can have a hugely positive boost to both your physical and mental well-being well getting those muscles and joints moving while being one of the lower impact exercises. 

walking family
Walking is a great family activity 

2. Cycling

This is another great low impact option and perfect for those who do struggle with some joint issues and running it's an ideal option. Cycling is also great for the whole family and a wonderful way to travel and explore. Cycling also works different muscles than that of walking so combining the two makes for a great overall workout.

3. Sign up for a challenge

We can all go through times where we lack motivation so signing up a challenge can encourage us to get out there and get into the adventure mindset. Challenges can be as big or small as you want them, but they should always be fun and a positive way to get outdoors. Perhaps you fancy a local sponsored walk for charity or a swimathon or maybe you have your sights set on the London Marathon, either way having a goal to work towards can be a great way to set an intention and stay motivated

cycling for charity
We cycled 170miles over 3 weeks for charity last year


4. Deal with any health issues now!

We all have a tendency to put off small things that are niggling at us, perhaps your back has been hurting for a while but is manageable or your ears are blocked but you keep hoping it's going to clear up on its own. The thing is prevention is better than cure and dealing with the issue before it's a big problem can help you and save you money long term. Since I had my knee surgery many years ago I am a huge believer in Physiotherapy which helped me regain all my mobility back in my knee and know whenever I get knee issues or neck pains (I have a tendency to pull my neck and back muscles) I don't waste any time in making sure I get seen and treated as it reduced the time and discomfort massively. Places like Total Physio can help you with any joint, muscular or sport-related issues and can help you to feel ready adventure-ready. 

5. Work on boosting your energy

I know as I get older (and having two kids is exhausting) that energy levels can fluctuate a lot, so working on keeping my energy levels up is really important because going for a hike when tried simply isn't any fun. Some simple, free and natural ways to boost energy are - drinking enough water and staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, finding time to relax and working on avoiding stressors and exercising on a regular basis. Even if you make one small change it can have a huge impact on your overall energy levels. 

adventure ready


  1. These are great ways to stay adevnture ready. We as a family love adeventires.

  2. I need to get back to walking and going outside more. But whenever I think I'll go outside it's bad weather and rainy and I don't want to go out. The joys of the UK x

  3. I'm trying to incorporate all of these things into my daily routine. We often walk and ride bikes already.

  4. My family and I love to do cycling and mountain climbing together. At weekends, we do jogging.

  5. Some fabulous tips here to be adventure ready, I will be starting some of your tips soon as spring starts again and it gets warmer

  6. Fab tips! Keeping active when the weather turns miserable is hard, but I always feel so much better for it - even if it's a miserable day outside.

  7. While we aren’t exactly the adventurous type we do enjoy the outdoors. We enjoy long walks, particularly on the beach. We also try to deal with health issues, even if we would prefer to ignore. Thanks for these reminders.

  8. We're trying to walk every day for at least one hour, this is helping a lot. I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can start running.

  9. Boosting your energy is super important. This is something that I know I want to work on for sure so that I am adventure ready.

  10. It is nice to have some ways to stay active and adventurous. I will have to keep these things in mind and plan some things for our family.

  11. I try to stay active everyday...even if its just 20 min of exercise. It's so important to keep the body active and moving.


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