7 ways to celebrate International Women's Day


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International Women's Day takes place on the 8th of March each year and it's an important event that marks not only the achievement of women throughout history but also as a constant reminder and call for action to progress towards gender equality. First and foremost it's a day for everyone, for women to support their peers, for men to take stock and think how they can be better champions for women and for all those across the gender spectrum to come together and work towards equality on all levels. 

It's also a day of celebration and you can spend it any way you wish, perhaps you have started a new business and want to take the day off work for some much-needed self-care time, or perhaps you want to spend it with friends, go to a feminist book club or event or even a rally or maybe you just want to get home after work and lie in a hot bath with a good book, all are valid ways to spend it. 

So here are a few ideas on how to celebrate International women's day 

1. Support Women-owned businesses

There are so many fantastic small businesses out there and with many people having been hit hard with the pandemic, now more than ever is the time to support them, but during the month of March why not make sure your pounds go towards female-owned businesses or those with a feminist stance that is working to promote equality all year round. Two of my favourite are Milk and Moon and The Feminist Shop

2. Donate to Charity 

One of the best ways to be supportive is if you are in the position to do so, is much a donation a worthy cause, either locally or globally, that helps support women and fight for their rights, it never has to be a large around, even £5 can have an impact. For me, I'm going to make a small donation to Cardiff Women's aid which is local to me and is working towards ending violence against women and girls.

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3. Read about female empowerment with your kids

For me, being a parent of two boys, it's important to instil in them that gender equality is normal and needed and to not tolerate inequalities, so making sure we have a diverse book collection including stories with inspiring female leads that champion female empowerment is a must. Two of our favourites are Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

4. Value yourself and your space

I have to admit I am not very good at prioritising myself, especially after becoming a parent, but to thrive as a parent you need to put yourself first sometimes & make sure your own needs are also met. For me personally, I've struggled to get a decent sleep for the past year and that's really taking it's toll on me so this International Women's Day I am going to invest in a decent mattress as I know mine has seen better days as well as looking into getting bunk beds for my boys as my youngest is nervous of the dark and ends up co-sleeping with me most nights which isn't adding to my lack of sleep and while I don't mind I do feel I need to actively address my sleep issues. I find it hard to justify things like this on myself but it feels appropriate to do so over International Women's Day because I want to be a positive and healthy role model for my kids. 

5. Watch a female lead film

Most films in general still follow fairly stereotypical gender storylines but there are some amazing films out there that have broken away from that and focus on strong female leads and role models. You may decide to have a family film night in or watch something with friends or on your own, either way, there is something for everyone. Here are a few family-friendly suggestions -  Moana, Mulan, Kiki's Delivery Service and Over the Moon. For slightly older children and adults, you could opt for Hidden Figures, On the Basis of Sex and Made in Dagenham. 

Made in Dagenham
Made in Dagenham film

6. Have conversations and involve men and people who identify beyond the gender binary in the celebration. 

We cannot achieve equality if Men are not on the same page as women and are also putting women's rights on the agender in both the workplace and at home. Conversations need to be had with all gender identities, right across the spectrum so that we all become equal advocates for continued and sustained change. So if you are organising an event or planning a get together make sure to encourage your male friends to participate if your event is open to all. 

7. Attend an International Women's Day Event

 While the last two years have mainly consisted of virtual events, we are finally seeing in-person meetups and workshops happening again and there is already an array to choose from on websites such as Eventbrite - there are already listings for different things happening in my city of Cardiff, from women-focused networking events to film screenings, gigs and inspiring talks.  

International Women's Day


  1. Amazing ways to contribute to this amazing day...We usually donate or buy something from women owned businesses. Happy International Women's day

  2. Such a great article! Women should be celebrated and I love how you provided practical ways to doing it!

  3. I am going to look online and support a women's small business. So important that women are recognised

  4. I would love to attend in any International Women's day event here in our community. Thank you for the tips.

  5. Thank you so much for highlighting ways to celebrate! We are trying to support more women lead and women owned businesses currently - hopefully more people will during this time!

  6. I have been trying to teach lessons on it but I have a heckler in my class. And she's female. She was also a heckler for Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. She's trying her voice, but it's starting to get tiring. ;) Patience...


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