How to Celebrate a Friend's Birthday from afar when travelling



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Do you have a faraway friend with a birthday on the horizon? Whether they have moved away permanently or either you or they are travelling, there are still many ways to let them know you are thinking of them and celebrate their special day. While it might not be the same as seeing them in person, it’s still important to let them know how much they mean to you and to everyone who is part of their lives. From the pandemic to cross-country relocations, friends are there for each other — no matter what! From sending a personalized care package to toasting to their big day virtually, here is how to celebrate a friend’s birthday from afar. 

Send a Personalized Care Package 

One thoughtful way to celebrate a friend’s birthday from afar is to send them a care package. It’s super easy to do and is sure to make them smile. Put together a personalized care package with selected items and add a sentimental birthday card, too.

What can you include in a care package? Think of their favourite treats. From candies to birthday sprinkle cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels, there are tons of goodies that will satisfy their birthday sweet tooth. Additionally, you could add a collection of hobby-related tools and presents, a collection of their favourite book series or even a few self-care items like scrubs and face masks so they can really indulge on their special day.

You could even include a stuffed version of their favourite animal. From fictional unicorns to classic teddy bears, puppies and kitties, stuffed animals can make a grown adult smile. Plus, they offer benefits like reducing anxiety and helping to cope when they may be missing home and struggling without their friends. 

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Deliver Them Their Favorite Takeout

If the two of you are close, you probably know their favourite foods by heart. So let them know that you have their birthday dinner covered and treat them to a takeout feast. Order their favourite appetizer, main dish and dessert ahead of time and have it delivered straight to their door. After all, no one should have to cook on their birthday.

It doesn’t have to be from a nearby restaurant, either! If they are missing their favourite pizza or comfort food from their hometown or region, sites like Goldbelly offer a large selection of foods from restaurants in many major cities and carry a wide range of dishes that they can warm up at home.

Set them up with drinks, too. Send adult friends a bottle or two of their favourite vino. For non-drinkers, you can send a tea set, complete with loose-leaf tea leaves, honey and a tea infuser.

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Send Them Birthday Wishes Virtually

Plan a virtual get-together to wish them a Happy Birthday. Use an online video chat service like Skype, FaceTime or Google Meet to celebrate your friend’s birthday however far apart you may be. Keep it casual and personal with just the two of you, toasting with a glass or wine or champagne and sharing how much they mean to you.

Want to take it a step further? Send out an invite to the entire gang as a bigger birthday surprise. For friends who are away from home, reach out to their closest friends and loved ones for a virtual surprise birthday party. If you plan far enough ahead, you can have everyone show up on the screen with coordinated party favours so it feels like everyone is right there in the room. What kind of party favours? Choose streamers and balloons that friends can blow up and decorate behind them as they send their birthday wishes.

The great thing about this celebration is that you can combine it with others. Have local friends wrap a gift and add it to one giant gift box, shipping it to them to unwrap virtually in front of everyone. 

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Watch a Livestream Concert or Game

Birthday parties are a wonderful way for everyone to see each other. But if you want more to do than cheers and unwrap gifts, consider getting them tickets to a livestream concert. From concerts to stand-up to ballet performances, there are all kinds of entertainment you can watch live.

Even if you can’t afford tickets to see a band or performance, you can still watch a sports game or movie together using a live streaming service. Live-streaming a football game to cheer on their favourite team or simply watching a newly released movie can make it feel like you’re there celebrating their birthday together.

Stick to the theme of the virtual venue and have everyone dress up and grab their favourite snacks. Think leather jackets for concerts and sports swag of the team you’re rooting for. Beers, pretzels and pizza — whatever makes your friend feel like you’re right there with them.

Go Browser Window Shopping for the Perfect Gift

Not certain what kind of gift to present your birthday gal or guy with? If your friend moved away or you’re just not familiar with their latest style or hobbies, let them help you out. Take them on a virtual shopping spree, browsing their favourite online shops for what they need, instead of cluttering their space with useless items. While it lacks total surprise, a minimalist friend will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Start by presenting them with a few gift ideas and then let them guide the journey to find the perfect item. Set up your screen with some tabs of gifts to share. Be honest and set a budget, but if they want to chip in to get what they want, that’s okay, too. Exploring their favourite shops is a heck of a lot more fun than just handing them a gift card. 

Call Them!

While it may be the simplest way to celebrate, a call to say “Happy Birthday” is a sweet sentiment, too. Texts and emojis are for any other day of the year. This special event calls for hearing each other’s voices. So pick up the phone and sing the Happy Birthday jingle to them in person. Do it first thing in the morning to send them off on their special day with good vibes.

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  1. These are such good tips, I have so many friends who live overseas and it's always great still being able to share special days with them

    Jonno x


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