How to modernise your bathroom



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I am currently upgrading some of the spaces in my home, one of them being the bathroom, while I am not going to be making huge changes as I added a new bath and shower a few years ago but I am going to be redoing the tiles, lighting, walls and the decor. A beautiful bathroom can also really help to sell your home if you're on the market to move and I've learnt a lot of things along the way so I thought I would share a few ways on updating your bathroom. I would also like to say that while small jobs are great for the "have a go DIY'er" bigger jobs do need to be undertaken by a builder who knows what they are doing otherwise it can end up costing you more in the long run. 

How to modernise your bathroom

The bathroom is one area of the home that many of us are dissatisfied with. This is largely down to outdated suites and décor, as well as poor layout. We often find ourselves living with our old-fashioned bathrooms for longer than necessary, as it’s such a hassle to renovate, especially in busy households.

On top of this, there’s the dilemma of working out how you can improve the functionality of your bathroom without taking up more space. So, here are some useful ideas to help you modernise your bathroom, using the space you have.

Upgrade your shower

Baths are a great luxury for most of us, but showers are typically all we have time for. So, upgrading your shower to make it more luxurious must be worth a thought.

There are multiple ways to do this. The first is to make sure your shower enclosure gives you plenty of room. No one likes trying to wash in a pokey cubicle, and better controls will also give you more of a spa-like experience. If your shower is powered by electric, then a digital shower installation will mean you can control temperature and water pressure at the touch of a button. If your shower is positioned over the bath, then simply choosing stylish shower-heads and screens will improve the look and feel of your bathroom.

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Go for a full-on wet room

Of course, you could decide that a bath isn’t necessary at all and go for a full-on wet room instead. And there are a few advantages to this. Firstly, the bathroom will feel more spacious as flooring and décor will be more seamless, with no need for shower trays and other obstacles. Secondly, with the right tiles and glass screens, it will feel more modern and luxurious.
Install underfloor heating

There’s nothing worse than having to enter a cold bathroom on a dark winter’s morning. So, why not swap the old radiator for underfloor heating? Not only will it warm the room more efficiently, but it’ll feel nicer on your feet. Plus, getting rid of the radiator will free up a bit more space.

Take lighting to a new level

Changing your existing bathroom lighting could make a big impact and bring your bathroom into the modern age. Many of us have one single ceiling light or a few recessed ceiling lights. And this not only ages a bathroom, but it can make it feel a bit stark.

You will need to check your chosen lighting is suitable for the bathroom but try using a mix of chic ceiling and wall lights with varying degrees of warmth and brightness. This will help you create a nice ambience for relaxing while retaining brighter lighting to see what you’re doing the rest of the time. You could also put something in really unique and different such as a cool neon sign, there is an amazing selection at 
Neon Mama store.

Create some storage space

One thing that often lets a bathroom down is the clutter of bottles around the bath, windowsill and sink. So, hiding it away with clever storage will help the room feel more spacious and stylish.

You don’t need a big bathroom to create some useful storage. You can hide smaller bottles and other bits and bobs in a mirrored wall cabinet. A modern vanity unit under your sink will make good use of otherwise redundant space and wall shelves with attractive baskets won’t compromise your floor space either.

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