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While Valentines day originated with celebrations in honour of the 3rd century Roman saint, Saint Valentine and has over time developed into an annual day of love, we can often feel that it's only for couples but it really isn't, it's also a day for us to celebrate friendship, family and admiration for ourself and that can come in many different forms and while commercially we have been sold the idea of roses and chocolates, there are many ways we can show kindness and appreciation to ourselves this year. 

The main thing is to remember is to have fun, keep it light and don't let Valentines day impact you depending on your relationship status, it's a day for everyone to enjoy. So here are 5 ways. you can treat yourself this year. 

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1.  Enjoy a special dish or meal out

If you have been wanting to try make a new dish why not pop down to your local grocery store, get all the ingredients, a nice bottle of wine and whip yourself up something really special or perhaps you have been working really hard all year and want to take a break from cooking so treat yourself to a new take away spot or take yourself out to dinner. I've enjoyed many a solo meal, in fact I really like it, it feels indulgent foodie time without any distractions. 

2. Turn your phone off for the day

Anyone remember when phones where just phones and not devices that pulled us in and where we lost hours of our life scrolling. Well why not treat yourself to a day away from your phone, to enjoy the small things uninterrupted, like a walk in the park with a friend, grabbing a cup of coffee and catching up. Or perhaps you want to have a day of mindful actions, meditation and yoga, a quiet bath and some real self care time. 

3. Book a Staycation

Is there somewhere you have been wanting to visit for a while? Well don't want for others, take that trip! I did around 2.5yrs of solo travel and it was the best time I ever had, in fact I felt more open and free to make friendships and connections along the way than I would have been if I had travelled with someone else, which can actually at times make you more insular and less open to striking up a conversation with someone. There are some great deals at the moment especially on websites such as Wowcher

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4. Get dressed up for yourself

It can be a real boost to our confidence when we put on our favourite clothes and get "dressed up" even when we don't have any plans, I do it sometimes when I am working from home because clothes have the ability to make us feel great about ourselves as well as bring us joy. Also life is too short so why not put on your favourite outfit or perhaps treat yourself to a little online shopping for women's clothing and see what catches your eye. 

5. Go to the movies

Ever since I was in my late teens I really enjoyed taking myself to the cinema as I often was into more art and international films and I've never had an issue going on my own, in fact it means I can completely lost in the storyline. My favourite cinemas at the moment are Everyman Cinemas, there is one on Cardiff and many dotted across the UK, with their smaller screens and plush sofa style seating as well as food and drinks being brought to you (including cocktails and chocolate sundaes), for me it's the perfect time out and indulgent treat. 

6. Splurge on something special

Is there something you have had your eye on for a while? Maybe you have had your eye on a new interior design piece, some wall art or perhaps a new bag or extra special bottle of bubbly. I know there is a jacket with my name on it or maybe you have been searching dresses for women as you have summer plans and getaways in the pipeline and want something special to wear, well as long as your funds can handle it then now could be the time to treat yourself. 

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  1. I feel like people always feel lonely or sad on Valentines Day if they don't have a significant other. However, your article has shown me a great way to enjoy the day and really treat myself.

  2. Amazing tips! I would love to turn off my phone for 24 hours, that is an amazing idea actually.

  3. These are great ideas, and as a mom, I would love to do any of these. I feel like so many of us don't focus on our own wellbeing and these are wonderful ways to treat ourselves.

  4. I agree with this. Sometimes we have to make time for ourselves. Have a time alone and cutoff social media and phone for a day or two.

  5. I liked your suggestions and tips very much. Switching off phone sounds like a great idea.

  6. We turned off phone off during our family diner, becase Valentines is my daughter birthday and we wanted it to just be the family!

  7. Staycations are so popular - and I know a lot of people who turn off social media for Valentine's day because it can be so depressing to see all these couples and not have anyone. Thank you for these tips.


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