5 ways to bring a sense of Wanderlust into your kitchen



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I don't know about the rest of you but I've really been longing for more travel adventures and city breaks to chic European cities where I can drink in the culture, food and style but as we all know the virus has meant many of us haven't travelled as much as we did before so bringing in elements of wanderlust into our homes is a small way to help feel that need to get on the road and explore new places. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home and for me personally one of the spaces I spend most of my time. I love trying new dishes and pushing my abilities of what I can cook (with varying degrees of success). Luckily I am not short of inspiration as I love cookbooks, especially ones from around the world. So I thought I would share a few ideas on how to make your kitchen feel like it reflects your love of travel.

1. Display your favourite travel-inspired cookbooks

If you are like me then you will have an array of cookbooks and mine span across many different cultures and influences such as books with French recipes or Caribbean dishes, South African treats and Asian meals, then why not put them on display. I'm currently putting up a few more shelves in my kitchen and one will be for displaying my favourite cookbooks from around the world. 

travel cookbook

2. Decorate with destination-inspired artwork

Personally, I love Artwork, postcards and posters up in my kitchen space and whenever I travel I often pick up something I can put on displace such as a map of Helsinki or a photo of the Seine in Paris or black and white photos I've taken in Prague and Zagreb. These can really help add that wanderlust feel to a space while also bringing in some colour while bringing back some wonderful memories

3. Capture that European feel with some Kitchen Tiles

What I really love about European interiors is the beautiful kitchen tiles they use as splashback - I stayed in an Airbnb in Paris a few years ago and they had the most stunning blue and white porcelain tiles in their small but stylish kitchen and I've always wanted to do the same for mine. So I am currently on the lookout for some and I know it will help transform my kitchen space. If you're looking for some kitchen tile inspiration then I recommend popping over to Pinterest. 

kitchen tiles

4. Create a Time Zone Wall Clock

I really like what Monica from The Travel Hack has done with her kitchen where they put up 4 different clocks from her favourite cities so you can look up and see what time it is in Hong Kong or Sydney and thinks it's such a neat interior decor idea without being gimmicky and can bring back some great memories from your favourite places in the world. 

time zone clock

5. Reuse Wine Bottles

As you can imagine, having grown up in South Africa and having lived in France for a while before having kids, that I do indeed enjoy a glass. I also have a soft spot for keeping my favourite bottles or if they have a particularly cool design on them. Also, I love to reuse as many things as possible and wine bottles are perfect for candle holders and it's something I do often when we are having a special meal in as they look great on the kitchen table. You can also fill them with little wire fairy lights or simply display your favourite ones on a shelf. 

wine candle

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to bring that sense of wanderlust back into your home and kitchen with a few small and medium changes as well as budget-friendly ideas and here's hopefully to more travels in 2022


  1. Great idea, if we can't go to those destinations, we could bring them to us

  2. These are all really lovely ideas. I like to have colourful items displayed like spoons and bowls, but I do love the ideas of the time zone clocks

  3. These are so cool! I love the idea of creating a time zone wall clock, it is helpful because I do work with different time zones.

  4. Those kitchen tiles are so beautiful. Thank you for these tips, I would love to have the sense of wanderlust in my kitchen <3

  5. These are nice ideas to change up kitchen use and decor. I like these pieces and will have to update my home with some of these.

  6. nice ideas! I love the world clock and cook books idea the most! so neat and creative

  7. haha, it is very interesting coz my wife also like collecting glasses and also coffee cup. My cupboard is full of them and she would collect them when we go abroad.

  8. All great ways! Love trying new meals.

  9. Wonderful ideas to help someone feel like they are traveling, especially in this day and age.

  10. We have wine and drink bottles from our adventures out, and they really remind us of different foods from around the world! There are a lot of good suggestions here.


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