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orange juice

While our youngest is still small date nights have become extremely rare and somewhat on hold, which means that we have to get a little bit more creative with finding time for John and I to have some quality adult time to chat and catch up, away from the home and in stylish surroundings.With breakfast being my favourite meal of the day and finding it much easier to arrange childcare in the morning than the evening it was really nice to be invited by Jamies in Cardiff to come and try out their new breakfast menu and have a a quiet start to the day before John has to head over to work.

flat white


I started off with a Flat white and a fresh orange juice and John went for a cappuccino while we perused the breakfast menu, which is simple and straight to the point but has fantastic choices for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

John went for a classic full monty which is Jamie's version of a full English fry up except with free range sausages and eggs, black pudding, brown capped mushrooms and all the toppings brought to the table in a wrought iron dish and got the thumbs up from him. John has a pretty big appetite which is good because this is a really filling breakfast but they do offer a smaller half monty as well as a vegetarian version.

fry up

Jamie's Cardiff

I decided to go from one of my favourite brunch dishes of smashed avocado and chilli on sourdough, you can also get a poached egg added on top which I would do next time to make it a little bit more filling but this was a really nice lighter option and very well seasoned.

Jamie's of course also offers a kids monty breakfast and this is certainly somewhere I would bring the whole family for a treat as the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly.

Thanks to Jamie's for inviting us to try out the new breakfast menu.


  1. Those breakfasts look delicious! We're also in a season of life where daytime dates are easier to arrange than evening. I have more energy in the morning too!

  2. I saw on another post that they had started to do breakfast. The food looks great, but i still can't stand Jamie Oliver as a person

  3. This looks like a fab spot for breakfast I am a massive avo fan so probably would have gone for that option too plus poached egg - yum!

  4. Those breakfasts look lush - big fan of Jamies here

  5. Going out for breakfast is a treat hubby and i do every couple of weeks. Shame this is so far away as it looks amazing

  6. Wow they look delicious! I'd go for the vege version of the full monty - sounds amazing! x

  7. oh that full english looks amazing! Im starving! lol

  8. These look tasty breakfasts. I love going out for breakfast! I have never tired Jamies before, I will have to look at their menu :)

  9. This looks so nice, and I love the setting too.

  10. I'd love to try out one of Jamie's restaurants! Food looks fab, great you had some time alone together

  11. Breakfast at Jamie's, look great. No better way to start your day than with healthy breakfast.


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