Summer, Cider and the Swedish Way


Rekorderlig cider

Summer to me is all about enjoying the best of life, long days, good conversations, warm evenings, coastal walks, picnics, eating al fresco, festivals and finding lots of down time to spend in the garden with the boys, taking it slow and savouring a summery afternoon drink.

Growing up in South Africa meant very long hazey summers, people seemed more laid back there, life in the UK certainly feels very fast paced and hectic in comparison which is probably why I feel drawn to the Swedish concept of Lagom and for those who don't know what that is it's all about the concept of "not too much, not too little just finding the balance" and creating a happy life.

summer days

As you may know I am only a minimalist challenge and attempting to declutter my life and lagom fits into that perfectly with the theory that just enough is perfect with lack of fussiness being key. So I'm excited to pair up with Rekorderlig Cider which I love (cider is my go-to summery drink) who are encouraging people to #StartTheSwedish way this summer and embrace a little Scandinavian culture, drink and lifestyle. 

For me this summer is all about being more mindful and simplifying my life, so I thought I would share 10 small things, a bucket list of sorts of what I plan to do this summer that encapsulates what Lagom means to me and my family. 

1. Pack simple lunches for summer adventures each day
2. Buy local, enjoy slow cooking and embrace each taste
3. Spend as much time outdoors, away from parks, just simple hikes.
4. Lots of picnics and eating together
5. Go wild swimming whether it be in a lake or the sea
6. Find time to read a book or two this summer.
7. Sit, breath and enjoy time in the garden wit a refreshing drink and some nibbles.
8. Reduce my wardrobe to only clothes I love and make me feel good.
9. Enjoy some electronic-free adult time with John to talk through the day
10. Embrace sleep, work and chores can wait, when tired hit the pillow.


Rekorderling, the fourth generation Swedish Cider are champing the Lagom lifestyle and are launching a 28 day sampling tour and visiting over 20 locations including Cardiff! Made with the purest Swedish spring water they have some mouthwatering flavours with my favourite being the Wild Berries or Mango-Raspberry, just add to a big glass of ice with wedge of lemon or lime and there you go you have summer in a glass.

summery drink

The Rekorderlig Cider Sampling Van will be on Cardiff Queen Street on the 6th of July so why not head down and get a little bit of Lagom into your life and try out all the different summery cider flavours. I know I will be there and it's sure to be a fun way to get into the summer mood. The sampling van will also be visiting other cities across the UK and here are a few of the dates

High Street, Birmingham – 24th June, 12 – 6pm
Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth - 30th June, 12 – 8pm
Jubilee Square, Brighton – 1st July, 12 – 8pm
Rose Lane, Canterbury – 2nd July, 12 – 8pm
Queen Street 3, Cardiff – 6th July, 12 – 8pm
Crown Square, Spinningfields, Manchester – 21st July, 12 – 8pm

Cider van

In collaboration with Rekorderlig 


  1. I'll happily take on a cider in ANY way, Swedish or otherwise! This does look tasty though.

  2. What a fab idea to make a lagom inspired bucket list! Can't wait to try this cider now it looks so refreshing for summer! X

  3. I love your list. Many of these are things I'm trying to do too.

  4. I am definitely missing cider in this warm weather whilst weather. I too like to enjoy the simply things - I don't enjoy the busyness of summer at times!

  5. That sounds like a fab way to spend summer days. Quite partial to a bit of Rekorderlig too.

  6. I love Rekorderlig, it always makes me think of Summer evenings. Really hope they are stopping off in London.

  7. I have never tried Cider, so have added it to my To Do list. Will have to pop into Manchester when they are there.

  8. I love this cider it's one of my favourites. I tried a new one recently Mango Raspberry Cider it was really good.Enjoy working through your list x

  9. Coastal walks and picnics are our favourite! I love that slogan on your tee shirt by the way its great.

  10. Oh no I missed the Birmingham one today!! Their drinks are so summery and refreshing :) x

  11. I was actually looking for rivers and bits of the coast that I might be able to swim in but I havent been brave enough to do it yet. Might pack a picnic and head down as at least I can still have a nice day if i chicken out of the swimming.

  12. I love your list, love being able to take the little ones out for picnics in the summer. And I might just be drinking a fruit cider as I type! :-)

  13. I've never heard of this cider, it sounds lovely. Fantastic To-Do list as well!

  14. Lagom sounds like a great way to live! Noted your list to refer back to for some minimalist time.

  15. being more mindful is definitely something I would like to embody this summer, as well as simplifying our lives a little more!

  16. I Love this cider. Though I can never pronounce it haha. Its totally a summer drink for me to. Love your list too

  17. Hubby loves the strawberry and lime cider - I always add a strawberry in it too

  18. I discovered fruity cider a couple of years ago and it's so refreshing in the summer!

  19. I love your summer bucket list idea - I've even been doing some of these things myself actually :) x

  20. My partner introduced me to flavoured ciders and we love them! Rekorderlig are fab!

  21. cider is one of my favs as well, this one looks and sounds delish!


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