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France, famous for their wine, their cheese, and their spirit, is one of the richest European countries. Laden with nature, history, and beautiful architecture, France is a must see for families. Even the little ones will enjoy a trip to France, which offers many sights suitable for family trips.

Some of the best French regions to visit with families include; Paris, Normandy, Dordogne, and Montpellier. Each with their own charms, these regions will ensure you create wonderful memories, and here are some of my favourite things to do in each region.

Eiffel Tower


Disneyland Paris: This is quite the obvious one but if you’re a fan of Disney yourself and you can afford it, Disneyland is definitely worth the trip! Although I would say it’s best for children over eight, as they will actually remember the trip in years to come, and you will avoid some of the rides aimed at really young kids which take forever in the queue.

Tip: Pack sandwiches for lunch

Les Jardins du Luxembourg: These beautiful gardens are located centrally in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Home to the french senate, they are open to the public and feature a stunning Luxembourg Palace, open play spaces for children, and even a carousel. You can enjoy a beautiful walk in this park or even let the children take a pony ride!

Ladurée: The famous macaron bakery is known for the colourful creations. A great stop for parents with a sweet tooth and children alike, it is perfect for a small treat to give you the taste of famous French baking.

Tip: If macarons are not for you, try Berthillon for a dozen of different crazy flavoured ice-creams.

Les Jardins du Luxembourg
My eldest enjoying Les Jardins du Luxembourg


The Dordogne Markets: One of the highlights of visiting Dordogne towns is the chance to visit local French Markets. These traditional markets have usually been held in the same place at the same time each week for hundreds of years. There are even some nocturnal markets held in the evenings, although those are during summer months only.

Tip: The best time to visit is out of summer, stalls keep their traditional produce.

Château de Beynac: The Dordogne region is known for its castles, yet the Chateau de Beynac is one of the best-preserved and best known in the region. Pertaining to the middle ages, this castle is perched on top of a limestone cliff, making an impressive sight for the town below and impressive view for visitors.

Dordogne River, Canoeing: This is a beautiful way to see the sights around the Dordogne River, with a beautiful view of Beynac, La Roque-Gageac, and Chateaux of Beynac, this is the perfect tranquil activity to do after the castle visit. The scenery beyond Beynac is quieter and gentler, canoeing along the Dordogne is a safe activity for children that will provide a nice nature sighting afternoon.

Tip: Not recommended for small infants and babies

French adventure


Dinosaur Park in Mèze: Great for any dinosaur fanatic, this park is perfect for little ones. Whilst it may not be a good activity for the older children, it will delight smaller ones. With well maintained statues, informative fossils, and models it is a nice and different attraction.

Tip: Bring drinks and packed lunch

Haribo Museum: Yes, you read that right. In 1996 Haribo opened this museum, offering a wonderful insight into the history of the production of liquorice, fruit gums, and bonbons. If you’re a fan of old fashion advertising you will enjoy this visit, which offers some unusual attractions including the production of Haribo goldbears.

Grotte des demoiselles: This is a stunning visit into entire limestone caves, including a wide variety of unique mineral formations. Descend into an impressive cathedral cavern measuring 120 meters long and 52 metres high. Full of giant stalactites and stalagmites, this will be a memorable visit.

Tip: Check if there are any concerts, shows, workshops, or special tours during your visit.

The beautiful Mont St Michel 


Mont St Michel: This Island commune is located about one kilometre off the country’s northwestern coast. The Island holds strategic fortifications used as the seat of a monastery from which it draws its name. The structural composition of the town offers a wonderful insight into the feudal society that constructed it. A stunning construction, it is definitely worth the visit.

Rail Biking: Normandy is full of old railway tracks now used for rail cycling. A fun enjoyable activity to do in family, you can select amongst different trails to do. You can visit the museum area which presents the rail bike circuit.

Tip: Reservation is recommended (by phone only)

Of course Normandy has many beaches to visit and enjoy as well! Don’t forget that France is famous for their food, so you should definitely make a note of trying at least one french cuisine restaurant known for their food.

Written by Max Lami

France with Kids


  1. So many great recommendations, thanks a lot. We haven't taken our kids to France as yet but were pondering just a short weekend trip after this year. Mich x

    1. You really should take them, it's a wonderful place to explore

      Laura x

  2. I've never been anywhere other than Paris (didn't make it to Disney Land *sad face*) in France. I love some of these recommendations, I'll have to chat holidays with my OH.

    1. France is a really great place to take kids or go as a couple as it's so close and fairly cost efficient - love it

      Laura x

  3. Mont St Michel does look amazing. I've been to St.Michael's Mount so I'd like to complete the duo as it were.

    1. Me too! we have also done St Michaels Mount and would like to do Mont St Michel this summer

      Laura x

  4. I just Love France , I agreed Dordogne is not for the very little ones. Great suggestions R

    1. Yes it's a fantastic place to go with kids

      Laura x


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