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Living in or near a city does often mean a compromise on space but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having beautifully designed interiors. I'm hoping this blog post will go a little way in  helping you to achieve the designer-style you see in glossy mags and Pinterest boards but on a minute  scale as I share a few of my favourite products at the moment.

The simplicity of scandi-style lends itself to smaller spaces where you are tight on space. The furniture is slim, with clean lines and generally comes in lighter colours. The main key the seasons is to declutter, simplify and also bring things into the home that are multidirectional and can be used for more thane purpose such as this shelf-come-desk below which is an example of an ingenious space-saving design. This shelf ladder is ideal for achieving a scandi inspired look while saving room and creating an office ‘space’ all rolled into one. Dwell have a version you can purchase here.

office space

The simple and less fussy furniture is really what is in at the moment and has become hugely popular in the world of interiors. Arlo & Jacob have a range of scandi-style upholstered modern armchairs, with the signature tall, slim leg shape. They can be upholstered in any fabric of your choice, so you can turn it into a statement piece or match it with any existing furniture you may have. Investing in a decent sofa that brings the room together is key, it's your focal point, you can then get creative with some upcycled pieces that work well with it such as a reclaimed coffee table.

Arlo & Jacob

Petite nesting coffee tables are also a great idea if you have kids as you can pull one out for them to work on while you can place your books and coffee on another without taking up precious space. They nest on top of each other, saving space when you only need to use one, and the slim, tall legs mean you can still see the floor space underneath, making it feel more spacious and they are easy to pack away when your not using them.

You may also want to rethink your bedside table and opt for something that is straightforward and simple and cannot be a place just to accumulate clutter. Also having a lamp which is moveable is perfect for those who read in bed. 


One pretty easy aspect to change of the house if your looking for something small to do that has a big impact is lighting, I am loving this light fitting from Cult Furniture nails the scandi-look, plus it’s a steal at just £39. It’s simple and elegant but will make a big impact. For maximum effect, consider hanging in pairs over a pale wooden scandi dining table; like this compact, extendable table from Made. Its slim silhouette makes it small enough for studio apartments and tiny kitchens, but its versatility means that it extends to accommodate up to six people if you have guests or parents visit.

simple interiors

These are just a few suggestions of updating your interior space without making massive changes. I am also very passionate about upcycling so if you have a piece that no longer really works why not great creative, consider some chalk paint or look to Pinterest for some easy hacks and ways to reinvent the piece. 

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  1. I love all these simple pieces! Minimalism is so trendy right now! Hope to snag some of these pieces for my new apartment this year.

    Simply Lovebirds

  2. This is such a great inspiration. I love minimalistic interiors.

    Her Hive

  3. Love the look of these! Especially the side table, I love keeping things simple in my home it makes me feel fresh and clear x

  4. Love the minimalist looks here. I love my nest of tables, so useful as you can just hide them away when you don't need them to save space.

  5. We live in a flat so we are always on a look out for classic simple stylish living ideas. I love that Arlo and Jacob sofa, it's gorgeous


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