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With such an action packed September following into October I thought I would share a few highlights from the past month and simple family moments, looking back through photos is something I always enjoy doing and I so grateful for all these happy memories.

We had a double birthday celebration with my eldest turing 6 and myself turing one year older as well. We enjoyed walks in the forest, picking apples from an orchard, enjoying dusk in Bute park and enjoying a week away at Bluestone in West Wales. Although it's not been all daisies and roses with both boys coming down with a horrible cold virus and then my youngest being hit but another illness following on from that, I think it's something to be expected at this time of the year when the seasons change.

1. The boys enjoying a walk at dusk on a beautiful Autumn evening in Bute Park
2. Reflecting on our short stay at Godolphin Arms in Cornwall, I wrote about it Here
3. Looking for dragons on a scultpture trail in the forest
4. Picking apples for Orchards at Forest Farm country park
5. Embracing some free range fun at Bluestone in West Wales
6. I still cannot believe my eldest turn 6 this past month!
7. Baby G has had a bit of a rough time with being under the weather but he such a happy little man regardless
8. For my birthday I treated to this lovely ethical tee from People Tree
9. Both boys have been loving the healthy fruit and veg pouches from My Little Piccolo


  1. Lovely pics, it is so nice to look back on happy memories! Love taking pics myself, especially of my daughter and days out

    1. I totally agree - sometimes when you feel you have not done that much looking back and reflecting on a month can show you how many simple pleasures and fun times have been had

      Laura x

  2. Fab post and photos. I love reflecting on how far I have come.

  3. Happy birthday to both your son and you. It sounds like you've done a lot x

  4. Sounds like you've had a good month other than baby g's sickness. I'm so jealous you went to bluestone x


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