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As many of you probably already know October is a pretty important month for all us ladies as its Breast Cancer Awareness month and with 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with Breast cancer and 1 in 3 being diagnosed with some type of cancer in their lifetime means that either yourself or someone you know will be directly affected by this undiscriminating disease. Mission Deli who have turned the packaging of their wraps pink for the month of October are donating £50 000 towards Breast Cancer Care from the sales of these special packs and recently got in touch with me asking me to express the importance of friendship during trying times life throws at you.

When affected like something like breast cancer friendship becomes so important with over half of women stating they couldn't get through such hard times without the support of friends.
I lost my Aunt to treat cancer a few years ago but this year the big C word crept up into my life in the most unexpected way when I suddenly got a text message from my best friend in South Africa. Here is an open letter to my Best friend...

My Best Friend and I looking across to Table Mountain

Dear the strongest person I know

I had just woken up, I was about to get out a bed when I heard my phone buzz, I lent over to pick it up and saw you had sent me a text message. It was always nice to hear from you, we had been best friends since we were 6 and my childhood in South Africa would not have been the same without you by my side. Even though I live in the UK we met up for a few days when you were over here last as well as coming to see you in Amsterdam a few years ago. Recently times had been pretty hard for you, only two months prior you lost your mother to Breast Cancer, it came as a shock to my family as we lived in each others pockets for our whole childhood and she was such a strong and feisty lady and being a Dutch expat she naturally captured that effortless european chic style and was in many ways larger than life. I wish I had been able to fly out for the funeral and I hope in some way my words comforted you.

We kept in touch with updates of our lives via text or email so I thought perhaps you were letting me know you were heading back to the UK as you travel a lot. Instead I stared at my phone, speechless for about 10mins in complete shock. They had found tumours in your colon and it had spread. How was this possible? Your only 32, your fit and active, a size 8, eat a very healthy diet and you don't smoke and hardly drink, you have your whole life ahead of you so why and how?

Luckily you are in safe hands, South Africa despite what people my think has excellent medical facilities and a few days later you had an operation quickly followed by Chemotherapy. Your responding so well, they are really attacking this invader with all they have and some of the tumours have not only shrunk but disappeared altogether. You have since had more surgery and more Chemo and I know it's been taking it's toll, you fell and hit your head badly and have struggled to keep weight on, you are tired and feel sick but they way your dealing with it all is incredible and makes me so teary thinking of how brave and matter of fact you are about it all. But it doesn't surprise me as you have always been so incredibly level headed and practical while I would often be spontaneous and do things without thinking you would always be the voice of reason.

You still have a way to go, I know there are more operations and therapies ahead but your doing so well and the prognosis is weighing in your favour and even though your approach is a quiet one you are fighting with all you have. Your diagnoses has changed not only your life but others, it's certainly put things into perspective for myself and how important friendships are not matter how far you live apart, words are comforting no matter the distance. I know that if I was in your shoes you would be there for me without a doubt and even though it's been years since I stood on South African soil, I remember when I left last you came to the Airport, it was hard saying goodbye. I know we will see each other as soon as I can to give you a hug in real life there are so many conversations that we still need to have and many more years to share our highs and lows together.

All my Love Laura x

breast cancer care

The thing about cancer is there is still so much to learn about who to treat it in the most effective way, every day many doctors and scientists are looking for new treatments and cures and all of this research costs money so next time your doing your weekly shop and are looking for simply and healthy food inspiration why not check out @MissionDeliUK for recipes and giveaways, also if you come across their special pink wrap packs pick one up! We have often have veggie packed Fajitas or Burritos at home as they are the perfect family meal and I love that a simple change in purchase is going to directly help with the much needed research to help fight this terrible disease.

You can also join in and share your inspirational friendship stories on the Mission Deli Facebook page using #FriendshipUnwrapped

In association with Mission Deli who have turned their wrap packets pink for October Breast Cancer Care


  1. What a beautifully written letter to your friend. It must have come as such a shock to read that text. I hope your friend is doing well xx

  2. So sorry to read this about your friend. I am sure with your love and the excellent medical care she is receiving she will have the strength to fight this awful disease xx

  3. I so hope youe friend it managing the day to day of living with cancer. Many people do live after a cancer diagnosis, these days, but we have so much to learn about cancer still. A beautiful letter Laura x

  4. I am hoping your friend beats this. I had a scare in the new year, and even though nothing came from it, it is enough to change your attitude and make you so grateful for everything that comes your way. This is such a beautiful letter and i know she will appreciate it so much x

  5. Cancer is always a horrible disease to have but it seems so unfair when young people get it. I am glad she is fighting all the way and responding so well. It is a beautiful letter and I hope you get the opportunity to have a real hug soon.

  6. It's such a rotten disease and is totally indiscriminate. I have a friend, the same age, with a recent diagnosis, it's horrible to feel so useless x

  7. Beautiful letter Laura, made me tear up. Such an unfair thing, the C word... it makes me so angry, I can't help it. Sending you both lots of love and hugs xxx

  8. This is a really important post - and I applaud Mission Deli for taking on the campaign. I've known a few women who've battled breast cancer and come out the other side - it's a disease that touches SO many people isn't it?

  9. Oh Laura! Such devastating news isn't it - especially when you're so far away. Brilliant initiative from Mission Deli and I'll try and buy these x

  10. I bet that was such a shock when you received the message. Such a beautifully written letter xx

  11. Oh Laura I am so sorry to read about your friend. It sounds as if she is in amazing hands and I wish her a super speedy recovery. What a beautiful letter.


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