Family Laundry Hacks with Siemens iSensoric


I have to admit before having kids things like washing machines and laundry did not feature on my list of important things in my life but as soon as you have children your outlook on cleaning takes on a whole different perspective. Suddenly it seems like all you are doing is washing, simply to keep on top of the constant mountain that forms in the laundry basket on a daily basis. 

If you don't have some kind of routine or plan in place things can go wrong and get on top of you very quickly. We have had a few "red socks in with the whites" and shrinking shirts situations due to rushing through the laundry pile trying to juggle two small children, sleep deprivation and basically keeping on top of the basic running of the home and attempt to look like a normal "stain-free" individual.

The thing is with young children around, stains take on a new life of their own and throw in crafting, cooking, painting and eating this all means sticking fingers are at the ready to create their own masterpiece on your white jeans. Baby G loves to feed himself and with that comes an interesting array of food stains while my eldest has recently started school his white shirts has been taking a battering from mud, glue, colourful pens and everything in between. The thing is both John and I encourage messy play, outdoor adventures and getting stuck into new meals and foods but with that comes the cleaning and the worst thing is facing a stain you just can't shift.

family laundry

So unless you can afford home help an Au-pair or hands-on nanny you are going to have to face the triple load laundry at some point and like I said you need some kind of plan or the relentlessness of it all can really get you down. 

Firstly I would say invest in a decent machine that is not only efficient but also economical when it comes to energy efficiency! We have been giving the Siemens iSensoric a spin of late and I have to say it's amazing as not only does it combine both of those things but it's also very aesthetically pleasing, durable and well designed because at the end of the day you want something that can stand up to the test of an out-going and active family. One of the many major bonuses of the Siemens iSensoric is that because it's so energy efficient we have actually seen a reduction in monthly electric bill, a sight which is always welcome. 


I asked a few of my favourite family bloggers for their top tips and hacks on keeping yours and your kids clothes looking like new and stain free.

Alice from More Than Toast recently discovered that washing all her whites at 60 degrees made a huge difference and also kept her sons school shirts nice and clean while  Eleanor from The Bristol Parent recommended putting Napisan in with your washing as well as hanging washing in the sunshine (when we have decent weather) as the sun helps to bleach white clothing. Gillian from A Baby on Board mentioned something I do quiet often and thats putting neat washing liquid straight onto the stain and rubbing it in while also using an anti-stain setting on the washing machine if you have one. 

Mellissa from Diary of a Jewellery Lover and Sally from Teddybear and Cardigans both recommend using vanish stain remover when it comes to tricky stains and Georgina from Pixie Does suggests first washing the clothes in Biological powder and then again in non-biological sensitive powder to get those whites looking white again without causing flair ups for little ones. 

You could however avoid this issue altogether like Lottie from Oyster and Pearl suggested by using tea towels as massive bibs over school shirts during meals times while Fiona from Watching you Grow and Rachel from The Little Pip mentioned (in jest) keeping toddlers clothes free and food stains really are inventible at this age. 

So far we have seen some real improvements to keeping our whites white with our new Siemens iSensoric and you can read more about all the features of this high tech machine in my first post Here.

We were given the washing machine in exchange for an honest review and we genuinely would recommend this machine 


  1. There are some great tips here - I'm a slave to my washing machine since having kids!

  2. Great washing tips! Love the idea of using a tea towel as a bib! The baby just pulls his bibs off and so we have to strip him down to a nap at every mealtime now 🙈.

  3. thanks for featuring my tip! I really do swear by Napisan, even if the items aren't white. And yes to the triple load...wah!

  4. It's obviously a subject close to people's hearts - I wrote a short post about Vanish about five years ago and it still gets traffic every day! :-)

  5. Sadly laundry is never ending and it get far worse as they get older!

  6. Lots of great tips here! I do think a good washing machine is essential too and this one sounds perfect.

  7. It sounds great. I've always been obsessed with laundry. As a student, I wouldn't rent a house without a decent washing machine - haha! Have a lovely weekend. x

  8. Beautiful pics! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  9. great tips!! A good washing machine does make such a difference

  10. Love your review and I'm glad you like the washing machine as much as we do! x

  11. Great tips lovely- this washing machine sounds really good! I think we might have to invest in a newer one when we finally move into our house, we get through washing loads by the truck load! x


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