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We have been doing a bit interior reshuffle of our house of late, a few things have needed to be replaced, some just didn't fit our style anymore and others just needed little TLC to be brought back to life. With anything like this you learn more and more as you go along and I thought I would share a few things we have learnt and one or two interior and home design hacks for busy parents who want to inject a little style into their homes. If your furniture is looking a bit tired and worn, you will love these simple tips to help you to refresh it, and give your room a bit of a lift.

Restore it

One of the best ways to give your furniture a new lease of life is to restore it. This is not as hard to do as you may think. You only need some basic tools and skills to do the job yourself.

Naturally, it takes time, and a bit of effort, but most people find the process interesting, fun even. If you want to learn more about restoring furniture, click this link to be taken to a 4-minute video that will show you how to do it.

Cover it up

Another option is to cover up the flaws. If you have a table with scratches you could possible use a tablecloth or runner of if it's a painted piece of furniture you don't need to paint the whole thing but just the small area affected.

When it comes to fabric you can also buy covers for sofas, chairs and footstools. Most are elasticated, which makes them easy to fit. They can usually be removed for cleaning, so this is a good way of keeping your furniture looking good. If you have the time, you can even have a go at upholstering. Again, it is not as hard to do as you think, and there are plenty of easy to follow tutorials available.

Of course, the simplest option is to buy some nice throws and use those to cover up any imperfections. This is by far the cheapest way to hide flaws on sofas, chairs and footrests.

Replace it

The third option is to ditch your old furniture and replace it. You can do this even if you are on a tight budget by shopping around and being flexible with what you want. There are always sales happening as well as very decent interior charity stores in my cities which if you have not been to one you are missing a trick as you can often find a real quality bargain. Other options are looking on websites such as Gumtree, my brother in law bought an Ikea sofa of Gumtree which was only about a month old for a quarter of the original price.


If you are feeling particularly creative you may decided to up cycle a piece of furniture and turn it into something else completely. Pinterest is a great place to start for some inspiration and there is never a lack of clever ideas and you are sure to find a new purpose for any tired or unwanted pieces in your home.

Rent some furniture

If you want a fast way to get your hands on good quality furniture, renting is a good option. In most areas, you can easily hire great looking show home furniture at an affordable price. Doing this allows you to get your hands on the latest styles without having to pay a fortune to do so.

As you can see updating your furniture does not have to cost you a fortune, or take you long.

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  1. Ive always thought that decorating furniture was hard but from reading blog posts and youtube its actually not that hard.
    Thanks for this hun
    Charlotte x

  2. This is a very informative. Loving the tips. Will have them in mind when we need to redecorate.

  3. I've always wanted to upcycle furniture but I always chicken out and just replace it. Silly really. Some fab tips here x

  4. Where I work they've recently covered the tables with a cheque print design. I'd never thought to do that, but it has a great effect!

  5. Upcycling is a fantastic idea! We love turning furniture into new pieces.


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