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When I first came over to the UK I lived in Edinburgh, a city I absolutely adore. What I always loved about the city was all the beautiful old flats above the shops right in the heart of the city and I was over the moon to find a wonderful two bed flat only 15mins walk from the hughstreet which I rented with a friend. Since then I have rented a few different flats and apartments and as we gear up to sell our house apartment living is still not out of the question as there is something really appealing about living right in the heart of the city in a stylish flat.

I thought I would share a few tips about styling and apartment and that interior decoration doesn't have to be overly expensive.

1. Declutter   

As apartments are usually a little smaller than houses the first step you should take is to bring down the clutter and simplify every room. Get rid of all trinkets and unneeded paraphernalia, and bring accessories down to the basics before trying to come up with a new look. Once you've done this, focus on doing regular house-keeping to keep everything tidy and organized at all times – there is no better way of looking chic than always having a sparkling pristine room with every element neatly positioned in the right place.

2. Lighting Fixtures

Having good lighting will make any room seem larger, brighter and more welcoming. You can place
fixtures strategically to build up an atmosphere and create different zones in any room – such as setting up a reading corner or installing spotlights along a corridor. Although you don't need to go to those length and you could simply invest in a nice stylish tripod floor lamp or some simple table lights.

3. Pillows

Pillows are a great option because they're relatively inexpensive and can be used for both practical and decorative means. You can get them in different sizes, colors and patterns that will compliment and bring together your interior decoration. If you have a very minimal style than a pop of colour is always good and if your a dab hand at crafts you could pick up the material you want and have a go at making your own pillow covers.

exposed walls

4. Storage Boxes

I'm not talking about the big ugly plastic ones but rather wooden crates or woven hamper baskets.
Much like pillows, storage boxes are great for adding colors and textures to any room. You can get them in sizes fitting any spare corner exactly, and extra storage boxes are definitely useful to helping you keep the clutter down at all times.

5. Hardwood

Not only does hardwood look much better than wall-to-wall carpets, it's a much healthier option since carpets are often a breeding ground for bacteria. Further, hardwood is easier to clean and the shiny look really adds to the overall elegance of your rooms. Switching to hardwood can be a little costly, especially if you are renting, but it's a great investment on the long term. It also makes it possible to add small carpets, which can be used to great effect as decorative elements. You can also choose a place where hardwood is already the standard d├ęcor, such as the stylish apartments found in the Philippines so if your looking for little international apartment inspiration than Zipmatch is a great site for a dose of some serious interior apartment envy.

wow flooring

If your short on space than really think how best each room can be used and try and combine practical purposeful pieces with stylish ones. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration especially if your looking to make use a particularly awkward space or want to find good examples of things such as a mezzanine or bed deck. Either way an apartment can often be adapted to an extent to change with your needs yo just need to be clever about the way you use the space.

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  1. Fab post. I love browsing Pinterest for inspiration.

  2. Ah that must've been an amazing experience living in the heart of the city in Edinburgh as it's such a pretty city! Decluttering and keeping a room tidy is so important when trying to make a small room or apartment look bigger. Great tips!

  3. All great tips here. Even though we live in a townhouse we are actually short on space so I can use some of this for our house. I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration x


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