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It's not hard to see why the recently rebooted Teletubbies is a hit not only with toddler but also young children and this has been proven in my household as both my boys aged 6 and 19 months love these happy and colourful creatures. They have everything going for them, living in a wonderful magical land surrounding by rabbits, custard and a strange but happy vacuum called Noo Noo. You can see a review I did recently about the board books they are going - read it here 

We vet everything our kids watch and read because our eldest is quiet sensitive and also personally I find a fair amount of child "approved" cartoons are not really that appropriate, at the end of the day they are only children once and that should be treasured and protected, they have their whole lives to be grown up and to us there is no rush. Saying that Teletubbies is welcomed in our house, there is nothing untoward about them and the show managed to engage both my boys despite the age difference and gently lays down good morals and bite sized learning.


That brings us onto the newly realised Teletubbies magazine which as soon as it's dropped through our letter box both boys where wanting time to turn it's pages. Luckily it came with a little Laa Laa toy and bed which kept my toddler amused while my eldest had some time to do the stickering and colouring. Having Home Schooled my eldest to nearly 6yrs old we used a lot of similar magazines to encourage easy and fun learning into the home as it's not hard to encourage children to get stuck into the activities.

The magazine has been put together with Early learning in mind and offers a variety of ways for little ones to develop confidence, fine motor skills, letter, shape and number recognition as well as a chance to get physical with the "Time to Dance" spinner inside the book which encourages getting off your seat and bouncing, spinning and dancing around the room. Some thought has also gone into the little you that came along with the book which offers up the opportunity to take part in some role play, putting Laa-Laa to bed, discussing bedtime routine with your kids and why it's so important, as well as social development as it give them a chance to think about the needs of others.


At £2.99 this is a great option for when your looking for something fun to do on a rainy day or after school or pack in your bag when your travelling. We are going away next week and will be taking this magazine with us for when we want some quiet and calm time.


  1. That looks like such a lovely and colourful magazine. I think they are great value and provide so many learning opportunities.

  2. This looks great for little ones. My nephews would love something like this.


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