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It's not often I catch John laughing or smiling on camera, not that he is a grumpy guy but rather just a very reserved person although he has a very dry sense of humour, in this shot he was making fun of how I stand for outfit posts and was doing some pretty hilarious versions, although it's nice to show a lighthearted moment.

I may have mentioned this before on the blog but John is extremely meticulous and particular about what he wears, his style and wardrobe is far more curated than mine, I am at times not sure of what direction I want to go in but there is something good about knowing what works for you and feeling comfortable in that style. He approach is a very simple one, less is more, quality over quantity and looking after your clothes properly - he has a pair of Red Wings which are more than 15yrs old but they certainly don't look it.

So when Infinities got in touch asking what John would actually like for Valentines day over chocolate or stuffed animals which is really not his thing he had a very good look through their impressive selection and opted for a chambray shirt and shoes, both of which would work well if your stuck for a Fathers Day gift later this year. The delivery was quick and the products well packaged.

As we were heading out to the city for the day with the kids he put together a "Dad style" outfit pairing up his new Ralph Lauren Chambray shirt with Edwin Jeans, New Balance Made in England trainers and red Ralph Lauren socks.

Infinities also stock some other fantastic brands such as Barbour, Universal Works, YMC and Penfield to name a few, so if your stuck for something to get your other half this is a great place to look as they have a large accessories selection.

John was gifted the Shirt and shoes in exchange for a honest review


  1. Love that shirt - I'd be stealing it for myself! Lovely photos too. x

  2. He really does look like he's enjoying himself! I'm always impressed with people who manage to make their clothes last. I don't know what I do with clothes and shoes but they look battered within about two weeks!

  3. ah he looks great - G would prefer a shirt to chocolate too!

  4. Your fella sounds like my fella. Takes the mick out of my poses (awkward) and has a dry/reserved way about him. Dave lives in these kinds of clothes, must check out! x

  5. looking good! i would totally be borrowing that shirt if my boyfriend had it (though it'd be more like a dress on me)

  6. I hadn't heard about this site before- I'll check it out for the Hubster, he is so particular about what he wears too (literally only buys one item a year!) x

  7. He always looks great, I love the way you two dress. Cool couple xxx


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