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cute baby

This week you turned one my little man and I always find moments like this one needs to sit down and put pen to paper or keyboard to screen and make a note of whats going through my mind before I forget this feeling, the pride, how my heart bursts with love, how absolutely exhausted I feel as a year on and you have not graced us with an uninterrupted night for months. 

The picture above pretty much sums you up right now, it's not the best picture but your testing your voice, your trying to communicate and laughing and shouting at various things with all that you have and it makes me smile. I cannot believe how two brothers, two siblings can be so different and that difference is so apparent even at 1. You are such a happy and cheeky chappy, you love food and baby-led weaning has really worked for us and our breast feeding journey has been far smoother than the first time around.

chubby baby

We have embraced all the changes that came with going from a family of three to a family of four even when at times it's been trying but without a doubt worth it and it feels like you have in some way always been with us and I cannot imagine life without you. Your favourite thing is to be held close, in the sling, cwtching in.

When you were born there was a small chance you may of had Spina Bifida, we didn't really know what to do with ourselves when we heard this and waiting for tests seemed to take forever and put our lives on a hold and it made us so aware of those whose children are dealing with so much more than they should and our hearts go out to parents who have to deal with the unknown. We were told if you did have Spina Bifida it may affect things like your walking, luckily everything was okay and you have been stomping around since 10.5 months.

In your short time with us you have already done so much, camping, city breaks, overnight ferry, exploring Amsterdam and partying into the night at festivals and we cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for you.


We are still learning so much about you and enjoy each and every day watching you grow, develop and learn new things. You are desperate to talk and communicate with us and I cannot wait to hear your voice properly, putting sentences together, telling me you love me for the first time. Oh little man you make us so proud and our family feels complete with you here.


  1. Happy 1st birthday to your son! Such a wonderful post!

  2. He is so adorable! Happy Birthday little man! x

    Whitney | Beauty Affair

  3. Happy birthday! Time flies! Our girls are four today!

  4. Happy 1st birthday. Hope you get a full nights sleep soon.

  5. Happy 1st birthday! Your son is beautiful, I hope he gets the happiness that he deserves!


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