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Brod, Danish Bakery, Cardiff

Danish Bakery

We love nothing more than checking out new places to eat in and around Cardiff, with breakfast and brunch being our favourite time of the day. We were at a lose end one Sunday morning and as we are planning a trip to a northern European country next month (more to come about that) we thought it was time to pop into Brod, a Danish inspired bakery in the heart of Pontcanna.

The simple and stylish scandi interior is welcoming as is the staff and even in the morning there is a buzz around the place with nearly all the tables taken, luckily we managed to find a spot for all four of us while we decided which baked delight to try.


The menu is very simple and uncomplicated and everything is baked fresh on site. I opted for a Flat white while and as a real treat Mr A indulged in a warming hot chocolate. We decided to share a few different pastries including a Danish pastry of course and Copenhagen slice as well as their savoury tomato swirl which Baby G wolfed down.

Brod Danish Bakery

Brod Danish Bakery

They had some kids books on hand as well as highchairs, making families feel welcome although this is equally a good spot for any age and with all the natural light flooding in from the windows, warm freshly baked treats and artisan coffee this is a fantastic place and we will be back very soon.


  1. Those pastries look amazing! :)

  2. I love going out for a coffee and a treat with the family. It's a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon if you've been stuck in doors for a while.

  3. I've never heard of this place, but now that I have
    I think I'll have a visit. The pastries look delicious x

  4. Wow these pastries look gorgeous glad you had fun and the video was cool too!

  5. This looks amazing... I always 'Ohhh' and 'Ahhhh' whenever I'm in Pontcanna, it all looks so quirky and interesting!

  6. I've been desperate to try this place. Will have to go when we get home from Aus. I'm pleased they have high chairs etc in there to accommodate families. Fab pictures too by the way xx


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