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So this is coming to you a few days later than usual as we are still having some interesting sleeping patterns with our 11month old but for one thing I cannot believe we are already into our second month of the year! I love to look back and reflect on what we have been doing together as a family, the adventures we have been on and what we have learnt.

So what did January have in store for us?

Well for one we decided to be a little bit more organised this year - we are neither structured or unschooled when it comes to the way we home educate - we simply do what feels right and allow Mr A some control over what he learns, of course with lots of encouragement. We picked up a few things for him over Christmas to help with reading and telling the time and have continued our outdoor adventures despite the constant rain we have had in Wales.

explorers jacket

St Fagans
Watching the blacksmith at work

Our main highlights have included looking for animal foot prints at Dare Valley Park, watching the blacksmith make hinges at St Fagans, learning a little german with friends, having a fun day out exploring Newport, trying some yummy pastries at a new Danish bakery, exploring a part of the city we had not been to before and running wild along the coastline looking for fossils in Porthkerry.

We also did some colourful crafting sessions with our favourites being Mr A's version of a canal boat as well as learning about the Trojan horse and Troy through our weekend box. 

As we do so much throughout the month I sometimes find it hard to describe what it's really like in one blog post so I have decided to add a little vlog to my monthly Homeschooling roundup post and this month I am talking about what kind of things we are using at home to help aid our learning.

What I have really been enjoying lately though is the amazing community feel that comes with Home Education - some people seem to think that our children lack the opportunity to socialise and this is completely not true - my eldest see's his friends on average of three times a week for a couple of hours each time and it's equally an opportunity for me to relax with likeminded people, sharing ideas and putting the world to rights. Even in this little space myself and three other bloggers, Adele, Polly and Jessica have put together a monthly linkup to share the Home Ed love called This Homeschooling Life and I hope you can come and join in with your adventures

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  1. Sounds like you're doing a great job with home schooling xx

  2. You are doing an amazing job. I don't think i could home school, I wouldnt get past the age of 7 and they would be smarter than me hahaha

  3. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job, do you ever wonder if your son is missing out on the social interaction with children his age or do you have a network of support you belong too? A friend of mine home schools and she has met other mums and dads who do the same and they have get togethers x

  4. You don't hear much about homeschooling over here, I know it's really popular in America x

  5. I loved reading about homeschooling - I'm a teacher and my little one adores school, but it is definitely something I would think about doing. It always interests me to read about how people 'do it'.

  6. wow! I wish I had been home schooled ! I don't think I have the patience or creativity to home school mine when the time comes! but looks like you definitely do!

  7. Watching the blacksmith at work must have been interesting. I always like the idea of homeschooling, but my hubby is less keen.

  8. A lovely round up, I remember mine being fascinated watching a blacksmith at work and it inspiring so many questions about history and times gone by. Being out and letting children take the lead can often lead to some great learning. a busy month with too much rain! thank you for sharing with me on CountryKids

  9. brilliant craft projects! Our homeschooling years were the best years of our lives but my biggest regret from homeschooling is perhaps being too structured and i just wished we had been a bit more relaxed and gone with the flow a bit more. Sounds like you've got a really good balance. So true about the socialising - that was one of the things people used to always mention as a negative and it is such a myth as there are so many meet ups that it is possible to socialise more than ever when you're homeschooling! popping by from #countrykids

  10. I love St Fagans and watching the blacksmith must have been wonderful. I think it's fantastic that some parents can stay at home and home school. I never had that opportunity. Well done.

  11. I really enjoy your home schooling posts. You always look like you're having great fun while learning.

  12. I Love the idea of the community around the home schooling which I think is amazing, although I don't think I could manage it myself. Loving the creative ideas though! x

  13. I was just watching your vlog and love some of the thing you've been using, might pick up the clock one for W and we are big fans of Okido magazine! x


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