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The weekend to us is all about taking it slow, enjoying a good breakfast, family time and all those simple pleasures that make life wonderful. This weekend however was a bit of a strange one for us, we had planned to have a very relaxed Valentines morning exchanging homemade cards over some oven fresh croissants but instead we were getting over a somewhat stressful and eventful evening the night before which involved finding our elderly neighbour had fallen off the pavement into the road and broken his hip on what was one of the coldest nights of the year, we had to wait nearly 3hrs and into the early hours of the morning before the ambulance arrived and get him to the hospital out of the cold. Both the kids had woken up during all of this as we ran back and forth taking him blankets and warm drinks, so to say we were shattered would be an understatement and therefore we skipped breakfast all together while the rest of the day passed in a sleep deprived daze.

Taylor Swift

I did however manage to pick up The Sunday Times as I was eager to check out the new supplement that came with it although my eyes were too tired to focus so this week we made Monday our Sunday and the first thing I did this morning was make myself a comforting bowl and porridge with fresh raspberries and settled down with a cup of tea and a peaceful half an hour while John watched the kids. First I paged through the style supplement with an inspiring piece of Beth Ditto who is about to launch her own plus sized clothing label, as well as a feature shoot on all the hues of pink we will be seeing in shops soon.

As I didn't have time to dive into the main Sunday Times magazine as we were heading out I popped it into my bag should I get the chance later. After a brisk walk to the park on this fresh but sunny winters day John treated me to a nice cup of coffee and cake to make up for our Valentines being a bit of a write off, it gave us some time to look through the life section together and marvel over the amazing Ice Huts in Canada and drool over the Chestnut pancakes which I plan to make next weekend.

date day

I have to say this is probably one of the best supplements I have read in a while, packed with interesting and inspiring articles and features especially the The Life Project piece on how to Live Well. Its the perfect accompaniment to the newspaper and overs up enough content to be able to take your time over reading.

I was asked to provide an honest review of the new Sunday Times Supplement, this is a sponsored post.


  1. An interesting post - I'm much more of a Saturday Guardian girl, but then to be fair I mainly just read the Blind Date feature in that, so perhaps it's time I broadened my horizons!

  2. Sounds heaven being able to sit and read the saturday supplements! But sorry to hear about the elderly gentleman, glad he got help in the end! Also top pic is *swoon* x

  3. I'm so glad there are people like you guys in the world that step in and do what they can - even in the middle of the freezing cold night! I imagine that slow cup of tea in the morning and a lazy read went down a treat! x

  4. My mum always buys The Sunday Times and I have memories of reading it while she would be cooking a roast dinner. I liked the magazine and one of them came with A Day In The Life of someone on the last page which I loved reading. I haven't even read it since I moved out of her house, I will have to carry on the tradition! x

  5. I love reading the papers on the weekend, especially reading the travel sections, it is so relaxing.

  6. Ooh I love Beth Ditto! Sounds like a lovely way to start the week, although a stressful weekend. Hope your neighbour is OK x

  7. Sounds great to me, being able to relax for a while with some coffee and pancakes


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