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Before going away anywhere we put together a list of things we would like to do, must visit museums, cultural sights and places to eat - we even do this for places we have not booked yet and want to compare with other countries or cities on our wish list, as everywhere we write down where we want to go and then narrow it down. I have been to Italy, mainly Milan and Venice and a few smaller towns but have not made it down South to Sicily and it's somewhere we all want to go to and for some many reasons as you will see in this post.

Taking your kids to a fantastic vacation amidst the ancient archeological and natural wonders of Sicily in Southern Italy is an educational experience apt for all ages and one that is sure to be filled with fun excursions. You can choose from visits to magnificent gardens and natural reserves; ancient Greco-Roman Temples and Arab, Norman Cathedrals and Byzantine monuments, volcano-treks to Mt. Etna, many water and adventure parks and hikes through the four major natural parks and the joy of sun-bathing or swimming by the marvellous beaches.

Spending a truly authentic family holiday abroad can be tough without the appropriate accommodations, especially for parents who may experience the occasional stress of sticking to planned itineraries and tight schedules during their stay, and dealing with the overactive excitement of the kids. As a rule of thumb we usually opt for self-catering and a visit to Sicily would probably be the same with relaxing at one of the Sicilian villas with pool offered for rent is the ideal way to take a breather from the day’s excursions and experience the authentic mystique of the Mediterranean, its jewelled sunset and star-filled firmament.

Mount Etna in Italy 

The main advantage of a trip to Sicily with kids is that Sicilians are very family-oriented. Children are welcome pretty much anywhere; Sicilian kids love to play in the piazzas and run all over the place so locals are tolerant and used to the familiar sounds of screaming kids begging their parents for some more gelato (traditional flavours like Pistachio, Jasmine, chocolate being a main favourite), zucchero filato (cotton candy), torrone (nougat candy with honey and almond/pistachio nuts) or lecca-lecca (lolly pops) - considered the best delicacies among the candy treats of the island. The gelato, as well as granita, is a favourite at all times of the year and is popular also in the winter when it is used to cure tonsillitis or throat sores.


The Valley of the Temples (Agrigento), with many restored Greco-Roman ruins and Temples is another appropriate place for kids to see; the local museum offers Audio/visual guides to liven and make their educational experience a fun one, including slides with digital 3D reconstructions of what the ruins and monuments originally looked like. Other wonderful ruins can be seen in Segesta and Selinunte. There are also helicopter tours in Agrigento and Syracusa (near Palermo) to add to the adventure. Visiting a volcano is not something you can do each day, but you have the chance to do so in Sicily. Europe's largest active volcano Mount Etna is exactly there. 

And what about water and adventure parks? The theme park of Etnaland (near Catania), with its thrilling roller coasters and water-rides, play areas, kid events and life-size dinosaurs is the best place to bring your kids. The biggest water park in Sicily is situated near Palermo and is called Monreale Water Park. You should not miss Trapani, hosting different water parks (the best ones are Iceland and Acquasplash). An adventure park that has to be mentioned is Madonie Adventure Park. Kids will love the adventures and local animals and parents will be able to enjoy the local cuisine. Local meats, cheeses and wines are offered for lunch. 


Sicily and the many islands by the coast in the Ionian archipelago also offer ample entertainment for kids with their traditional festivals and events. The International Kite Festival in San Vito lo Capo (Cefal├╣), where people compete for the best kites is held every year in May and is a joyful attraction that has spread to the Favignana island, with its Vento D’Amare festival in September that includes splendidly crafted colourful decorations and artistic creations. Courses on how to construct your own kite are also available.

As you can see, Sicily has really what it takes to make your holiday a beautiful and unforgettable experience for every member of your family.

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  1. Wow, you guys really do plan before a holiday don't you? I fear we're nothing like as organised! Never been to Southern Italy or Sicily but you do make it sound very appealing. Our kids are now at an age where they'd really appreciate such a family-friendly location where they could roam piazas in safety.

  2. Wow you guys are very organised. We aren't organised enough to plan like you! Anyway, you make Sicily sound very appealing. I thin our kids are about the right age to enjoy a holiday in such a family-friendly location.

  3. I love how organised you are! I would have to be organised as well, especially in an area I haven't been before! I haven't been abroad much but this looks like a fab place to visit!

    Laura x x x

  4. Wow, theses pictures are lovely, nothing like being so organised! Great post. x

  5. I've never been to Italy before but Sicily sounds like the perfect destination when travelling with kids! I'm travelling tomorrow with work and still haven't packed yet haha x

  6. Finally my dream will come true and we'll go to Sicily! We've already rented a car on https://rental24h.com/italy/catania-airport-fontanarossa. Thank you for your guide, I'm sure we'll use most of your advice.


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