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No matter if it’s just a short city break, a week away in France or even a once in a lifetime roadtrip across America, a lot of planning goes into making a trip a smooth and enjoyable one. The first thing I do is get out a map of the area as well as general guide book on the area, then we as a family decide roughly where we want to go and what we want to see, after that we hit the internet with force. Our first stop is usually tripadvisor, airbnb, lonely planet, couch surfing, travel blogs and forums to name a few, with so much information is can be hard to keep on top of it or take it all in and with all those open tabs it can become a mess, the worst is finding a useful page or thread and then losing it in the chaos of planning never to be found again, well that’s where Tripcipe comes in as you can gather all your information from any website with one click and clip it onto a map for easy access and organisation and you can even take your plans with you on the road with it's offline mobile app.

Tripcipe travel boards

Being a family who loves to travel, we like to keep things flexible but still keep to a loose plan as well as know where is family friendly (and where is not) as well as knowing how far it is to get from one sight to another and Tripcipe stops the need to spend a lot of time cutting and pasting into excel or google maps as it brings these both together plus with it being visually inspiring like pinterest it's just like a recipe book for travels. When you capture your information it's called a clip and it automatically stores things like telephone numbers, address, pictures, opening hours and basically anything useful you may need. You can see a sample trip of Cape Town here

father and son
John and Baby G in Amsterdam

We have just started using the free plugin to plan our trip to Spain and the South of France next month and it's so easy to use, every time I come across something I clip it to my map, meaning I can close that tab but still have all the information stored for when I have another 5mins free from running around with my two young kids. Once you have collected all your information you can then plan day to day as well as collaborate with others, share information, follow each other and build a community plus share ideas and itineraries and I have already stumble across some inspiring trips that I am keeping in mind for the future such as amazing places to eat across Vancouver and a hipster guide to Berlin. It's really great coming across a tool that is actually useful, saves you time and is also inspiring (if not somewhat addictive for a travel addict such as ourselves)

family travel
Us...of on another adventure 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Laura! Lovely post for a lovely family! Hope you guys have a great time in Spain and the South of France next month!

  2. Thanks I never knew about Tripcipe. I hope you have a really fabulous trip with your baby! I used to fly a lot to Europe when my kids were babies and it was a bit much I must say especially for the other passengers ! #UKbloggers

    1. I know what you mean - flying can be quite stressful with children - we prefer the Eurostar or ferries where they can run around

      Laura x

  3. What a great idea - I think a little bit of planning definitely helps to deliver a great holiday.



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